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Not sure where else to write since TheDarkMod forums is the only remaining outpost for Doom 3 modding.


I need to make a mover to move along a spline, when triggered. How do I set it up?


Can a mover tilt, following spline's curvature ?


Is there a way to attach player to that mover and drop player if he presses a key ?



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Grayman made a some wiki articles explaining how to set up in game cinematics. If you search the wiki for cutscenes you should find it. In there you find an explanation on how to bind a mover to a nurbs curve. Binding the player is a bit more problematic, though, but you can use a camera instead.

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grayman's cutscenes tutorial is the best explanation I've seen of setting up splinemovers (see page 2).


You could use a script to constantly teleport the player to the splinemover's origin with or without an offset: $player1.setOrigin( $my_splinemover.getOrigin() );


Not sure off hand how you could get the player to drop off. But I'm sure there are ways.

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