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TDM 2.02 released!


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Not to forget this script function added by Zbyl(#3304)

scriptEvent float getMissionStatistic(string statisticName);
Returns current mission statistic.
	statisticName: Can be one of (case insensitive):
	gamePlayTime  gameplay time in seconds
	damageDealt  damage dealt to enemies
	damageReceived  damage received by player
	healthReceived  health received by player
	pocketsPicked  pockets picked by player
	foundLoot  loot found by player
	missionLoot  total loot available in mission
	totalTimePlayerSeen  total time the player was seen by enemies in seconds
	numberTimesPlayerSeen  number of times player was seen by enemies
	numberTimesAISuspicious  number of times AI was 'observant' or 'suspicious'. A single AI passing through both alert levels will add 2 to the score.
	numberTimesAISearched  number of times AI was 'investigating' or 'searching'. A single AI passing through both alert levels will add 2 to the score.
	sightingScore  sighting score (number of times player was seen * weight)
	stealthScore  stealth score (sighting score + alerts * weights)
	killedByPlayer  number of enemies killed by player
	knockedOutByPlayer  number of enemies knocked out by player
	bodiesFound  number of times enemies have spotted a body
Spawnclasses responding to this event: idThread

Great stuff imho. (see also here)


Can't wait to try this stuff out.

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