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Help required: Would like to get a WIP released for Xmas.


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A mission that I have been work on with Baal for the last few years is at pre-beta stage, RL has taken Baal away from the project so its just me atm. The map is 95% done and just needs the following -

  1. Flavour and Story critical readables placed, I already have a story and basic briefing curtisy of Melan, but I need someone who is better at writing readables then me.
  2. Brefing video made -

    1. require a narrator.
    2. Goldwell's gof the briefing video covered via a buddy of his.

[*]Beta testing.

Atm 1.0 and 2.1 are the most urgent, I'll then put a call out for beta testers etc.


kind regards



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LOL there is something seriously wrong with you.

I got a bit miffed in the interior sounds thread earlier (and so I was also very curt here). However, I barely have time to betatest Goldwell's map, and there are other projects I'd like to work on, so I just thought it might be helpful to get Biker to clarify.

You can call me Phi, Numbers, Digits, Ratio, 16, 1618, or whatever really, as long as it's not Phil.

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Still looking for experienced mappers to consult/help on this, more a case of dotting the i's and crossing the T's to make sure any and all issues are resolved before beta testing.


The current state of the map is as follows -

  • geometry - 100%
  • perfing - 100%
  • effects and sound - 100%
  • Ai placement - 99%
  • objectives - 75%
  • readables - 25% - Ungoliant (Lux as backup)
  • briefing video - 0% - Goldwell/Crowind

If humanly possible I would like to start beta testing no later than the 19th/20th.

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