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Mover on a spline - how to make it stop anywhere and resume ?


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Apparently func_mover can only begin moving from the beginning of the spline and on stop, it gets reset to its starting position.


I am making something that has to be controlled from a GUI panel, and I need for func_mover to stop on the spline where I want, continue moving from that position, and not reset to the start position (which should be some bool spawn arg in the entity's def).


How can I fix that? (unless func_mover already does it by default and I just have no clue what I am doing :) )



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I've not tried using splines. When you activate it does it stop, or does it just restart from the start without ever stopping? The code looks like it's meant to do the second one.


If I'm reading this right, this won't be a spawnarg fix. You'll have to amend the game code.


Activating a mover is set up to call idMover::Event_StartSpline() which is set up to restart the spline from its index 0, i.e. the start of its path. To change that I think you'd need 3 small changes:

  • activating it (idMover::Event_Activate) should check whether it's currently moving and call Event_StopSpline if so instead of always calling Event_StartSpline.
  • Event_StopSpline should store the current gameLocal.time so you know what time the mover got stopped
  • Event_StartSpline should use the stored time instead of spline->GetTime( 0 ) in the line: spline->ShiftTime( gameLocal.time - spline->GetTime( 0 ) ); so: spline->ShiftTime( gameLocal.time - stopTime );

Not tested of course but that looks like it'll start it up where it left off. You probably need to revert to using spline->GetTime( 0 ) if your stored stopTime hasn't yet been set: that's so it starts at the right point the first time you start it up, before you ever stop it.

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