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Lockpicking sounds


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Are these the Thief lockpicking sounds???



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If we were to get lock picking sounds similar to Thief 2 would they have to follow the same format as the existing ones? Or would it need to be a whole new thing?


I may be in a position to get us those sounds but I need to know what to ask for first and if I get them will they be used?

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We can't use THE Thief sound for obvious reasons.


I'm not someone who thinks our lock picking sounds need to be changed. While they might do with a bit of reverb, the same can be said of all our sounds and hopefully that will be possible one day on a global level.

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I know we can't use the original thief sounds but what I was thinking was one of two things. Getting someone to record brand new sounds or finding existing sounds in a royalty free pack.


I guess if people don't want it I can use it exclusively for my own maps.


Also is 2.04 going to be the big open EAX thingy were getting? I can't remember the name of it

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The sounds in-game are pretty good as it stands.

Maybe someone might want to change them to be louder at certain segments but they are good as-is to me. Even in comparisson to Thief.

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Here is a commercial using the very same lockpicking sound as Thief:


So what's the story? Was it actually recorded by Looking Glass or did they just use a canned sound from some sound resource CD like a lot of games back then?


It's funny hearing them in an actual commercial. :D


My personal theory is that LGS simply used quite a few assets from then-contemporary sound libraries available to sound producers, including their's.




Here's the Dark Mod version...


ROFL :laugh:


Awesome edit.

Edited by Petike the Taffer
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