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Fan Mission: Chase Mercantile by Airship Ballet (2015/02/04)

Airship Ballet

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Got them both thanks.

Now I am having a lot of trouble trying to get the

weekly thingy sheet

in the second part. It's one of the objectives and its in

the secondary safe


I know it's in one of the

two crates on the right

, but for the life of me, short of standing on my head, I cannot get that sheet. I have tried every kind of maneuver you can think off to no avail. standing, crouching, sideways both ways, I cant get it, and all my other objectives are finished, but I can't get out till that one is done.

If the Ctr+Shift+Alt+End would work on Dark Mod I'd finish the mission. So frustrating


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Nice duo of missions you have here. I enjoyed them very much.

1st Mission

Only critisims I have is of two buttons.

One you already know about, don't act like you don't. I can't imagine why you, or anyone, would do this. Maybe you were mapping and thought "You know, I need to hurt some people. Hurt them with pained expressions. These must be expressions of puzzlement and confusion. Real heartstoppers."

The other in the vault, similar feelings.

2nd Mission

Awesome. I found this "easier" cause everything made more sense :);)

But well done, these will go down in my "missions worth replaying" list. I like the sense of reward your shop system gives.


I look forward to future installments :ph34r:

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Far as I'm concerned, these are a great two maps, even if the AI can have a few problems finding its way through doors (the generator room door the door leading to the kitchen in La Banque are particularly tricky for the NPCs, at least in my playthrough). The incentive to not knock out or kill the AI is brilliant, promoting the player to try ghosting (basic ghosting, of course) instead of whacking everybody in the back of the head. Though, as for the guard protecting the vault in Chase Mercantile, is there even a way to get past him without knocking him out or, at the very least, alerting him in some way?


Also, I appreciate the little touches that give backstory to the owners of these establishments. Does a lot for me, and the feeling you get while robbing each of them is totally different. With the first, you feel like they somewhat deserve it. With the second, you feel sympathetic... just not sympathetic enough to stop making use of that five-finger discount.


And finally... well, I find it a bit weird that we rob tens of thousands worth of gold in these levels, but we start with such a miniscule amount. I got 20 gold as I started the second mission. It makes me wonder what the hell my character did with the remaining 20,000+ of it. Still, it's an interesting system. I like it.

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This is a problem I found when beta testing 2.04 but it may be inherent to the FM

In the vault entrance area where there is an elite guard.


I managed to alert the guard using broadheads to the point where he searched outside the area so I opened the two doors via the switches in the desk

Then entered the room opposite the vault to make the vault safe

On returning upstairs the guard was back at his desk so using the noise arrow I attracted him into the room opposite the vault, sneaked out and closed the door.

To my annoyance (I thought getting the bags of jewels to the window would be simple) he opened it again and was searching the area


Is this supposed to be possible

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Loath as I am to revive an older thread*, I have a question: I beat LB, was excited when this started up, but I think I had a similar problem to Oldjim way back on Page 1: I'm stuck as 5 percent or so and it won't go on. Did I download the wrong thing?


*and this is the second time I've done it, both with Airship Ballet. D:

Because in mystery novels, the first suspect is almost certainly never the murderer. No matter how much unmovable evidence there is, it will all be smashed in pieces by the wrath of the remaining number of pages of the story.


-"The Evil Spirit of the Zushi Clan" from Virtual Carnal Pleasure by Yamada Fuutarou

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I had this problem sometimes with both your bank missions: either some or all of the drops that I purchased did not appear in the map. Makes it almost impossible on the Chase mission and very, very frustrating to have to restart when they dont appear. I would recommend not including this feature if you cannot get it working reliably.


Also, on the Chase mission there was a guard with a purse that I couldnt steal. Maybe this was intentional. Finally, the node saying Caldwell slipped up and said how to get in the secondary vault made it sound like the secret button was in his office and not Chase's. That might be my bad though.


Otherwise excellent missions, 9/10 and 8/10, respectively.

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