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[SOLVED] Crash running tdm_update when "applying update" starts


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Tdm_update is crashing as soon as the main download is getting ready to start.

I imagine this has happened before, but I searched for an answer but didn't find it.

If there is an answer, it should go in the TDM_Update wiki page, also maybe the Troubleshooting part of the Installing page.

I'm updating from 2.01 to 2.03, and it's crashing on the 2.01 to 2.02 part, the log is saying at the time it wants to delete stlucia.pk4.


Ideas on what I can do?


Here's a screenshot of the crash for what it's worth.


What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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Ok, after reading around some more, I see that my TDM folder is checked for Read Only.

I don't think it was before, and I don't know how it happened automatically, but anyway unchecking that makes it work now.

What an annoyance. =L


Edit: I added a note in the Updater wiki page under Troubleshooting, since it's happened a number of times to different people.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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