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lost darkmod folder


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Hi ! This is about a minor problem, I checked before the FAQ but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for . My mistake ! I ran tdm_update.exe without creating before a folder "darkmod" and now I can't find the files downloaded :/ ... Is there a place where I should look in priority in order to rediscover those files ( I haven't got lot of space on the disk so I can't afford to simply redo the operation in the correct order . I would be forced to delete the previously downloaded files ) . I'm under Win XP . Thank you for taking the time !

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That's right, they should be in the same folder where you put tdm_update.exe


If you ran tdm_update.exe from the website without saving it anywhere, the files might have ended up in your temporary browser files folder (and possibly already be gone). You could try searching your hard drive for ".pk4", which is the extension used by most of TDM's files.

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Exact ! Thank you both for the tips ! The files where half-deleted in the temporary browser files folder . So I restarted the installation from the beginning and everything worked just fine until ( and perhaps I should post this problem in an other section ) I launch "the tears of st Lucia" ... "malloc failure" ! I tried to load the FM "William Steele 1 : In the North" but I ended up with the same malloc error .
The error report is quite heavy and I don't know which part post . This is a " malloc failure for 134217736 " in both cases . I don't know if this helps .

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