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Received this email:


I've been following the progress of this mod for a couple months now. I am more excited about this than I was when I found out Ion Storm was making T3!


I would really like to help with the music. Here are links to two songs I put together today using Acid Pro. They will loop seamlessly.


The second song has drums that kick in somewhere in the middle. My intent would be for them to be triggered when a guard becomes alert of thief presence.







Let me know what you think.

Hope I can help,



Welcome to the application thread.

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Sorry I haven't responded till now. I didn't revieve an email. Did you reply to ablockno@comcast.net?


Actually, we have me, sax, muze, theo and mrd. smile.gif But since things have been going slow for some time now, why not. I need to know if you are able to create SFX too, not only ambients.


Yes, I can create SFX and I do have a huge library of royalty-free SFX.

Thanks for all the comments. :)

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