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AI sitting issues in 2.03


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Has anyone else observed AI sitting issues in TDM v2.03?


I was fooling around in my WIP and the sitting AI seemed to occasionally have great difficulties.

*Alert AI (sword in hand) sits down as per his patrol. Then he immediately sits up again. Then down. They repeat this forever. Even worse, occasionally they slide slightly deeper into the geometry on each sit iteration until they die.

*Sitting AI who sees a "shouldbeon 1" torch go off. They sit up, sit down and repeat.


The bad thing is that I failed to repeatedly get the AI messed up, but sitting issues seemed to be troublesomely frequent. It happens, but I can' t put my finger on qhat exactly I gotta do to get them messed up.


-The mapper's best friend.

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Probably this: #4113.


It might have resulted from the animation changes in 2.03. There are remaining issues (and new ones) that are supposed to be flushed out in 2.04. We didn't notice this particular problem until after 2.03 had shipped.

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I don't know if this is related, but I've seen characters getting stuck in two places while playing The Heart of Lone Salvation: once in the doorway of the kitchen, there was a pileup of about three characters, which stayed until I opened the door, and later at the main entranceway where one of the guards was stuck for most of the game until I guess I disturbed him.

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I have encountered this problem, too. I have 2 guards that get stuck in a sit down/ sit up cycle after having been alerted, and sometimes they slide back. (It doesn't happen in every case, though).

What could I do to solve this problem? (Insert a path_wait, insert a path_anim, use no monsterclip on the seat, etc.)

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This problem is fixed in SVN. Will be included in 2.04. It was caused by a code change I made to solve another problem in 2.03. I tested a 2.03 savegame with the fix and it broke the AI out of the loop. I also tested to make sure the 2.03 fix for the other problem was still working properly.


I assume this will handle all the situations reported, which have mentioned the AI getting alerted while sitting down and then getting stuck in the loop.


If anyone uses the SVN build and continues to notice the problem, please post something here, including a savegame if possible. Even better is a savegame just before the problem occurs.

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SVN boot now too :) Yeah!


You fixed it, thus preventing me from forcing myself to struggle with that whole MSVC 2013 using MSVC 2010 libraries thing, and compiling myself. Boo? :P:D

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