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No Honor Among Thieves by Goldchocobo, 3.0 update by bikerdude (2015/05/30)


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Lovely campaign, even if unfinished. I have two questions about the 2nd mission, though. It's literally been years since its release, so I guess unspoilered is okay, and makes for better searchability in the future.

I believe you are referring to Goldchocobo's plans to expand this to 5 missions. Probably still in the cards if Gold's, Mortem, and Biker get things rolling again someday.






I - How do I get food for for my bum friend? The only frobbable food items I've found are a loaf of bread and an apple on a table in the tavern, but these don't go into your inventory. Am I supposed to hold one in front of me (as a 3D object) and take it all the way to Harry like that?

Yes, you literally carry the bread. I think it was meant to highlight our object manipulation code.


II - There's a warehouse with a LOT of crates on two levels, and a well-hidden locked crate inside. Where's the key to it?

There is an open window on the second floor of the building behind the broken broad-sword tavern.




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