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Afternoon all


I am creating a general Windows 10 tech support thread in order to detail any bugs/fixes/tweaks that people come across while using Windows 10 itself or with The Darkmod under Windows 10. I will be updating and tweaking this OP as we go and will provide an index with links to fixes as they come up. This is what I have found since completing the setup of Windows 10 pro on my PC -


red - no fix found yet

blue - working on fix

green - fix found

black - reported only



  • How do I clean install windows 10 - if like me you have an SSD or just prefer to install windows 10 you only have one option and its a PITA (and this is the offiail method from Microsoft)
    • Using the media-creation tool download either direct to a USB stick or an ISO and write to a USB stick via the Win7 USB tool.
    • Backup all your data and then double click on the installer from the USB stick from with in Windows 7/8, and to save time I didn't bother choosing to download any updates(but some users might have to for the upgrade to work). Once Windows 10 is installed, shut down the machine.
    • If like me you have an SSD I would strongly recommend a factory reset of the drive using the manufactures tool or a 3rd paty tool like PartedMagic.
    • Then reboot the machine with your Windows 10 USB stick, and then install windows, when you get prompted (multiple times for a CD key, just click skip). The PC will reboot a few times and after about 30mins you will have a fresh install of Windows 10.
    • Then check 'This PC' and you will find windows is activated.
  • The crucial and pertinent fact is that the reason for installing from the USB stick is that, during the first install a hardware HASH is generated from your existing Win7/8 key & motherboard of that particular PC and then written to said USB stick. This is currently the only way I have found to do a clean install - B.S. I know but, there it is.

Bugs & Fixes:

  • Right click & Manage on "This PC" no longer works - this seem's to be a random bug
  • If your router's firewall has outgoing rules set, browsing in windows 10 results in delays and unresponding sites - I had to turn off all outgoing rules
  • No sound from any XFI sound card, despite driver installed and the card set to default sound output - the fix, is to set bit depth set to 16bit / 44khz
  • Can't drag and drop files in windows explorer from r/h pane to a drive on the l/h pane.
  • Windows slow and unresponsive at times, fix is to changing the page file size - link
  • Another fix for Windows 10 being laggy and unresponsive, permanently disable Windows Defender - link
  • Some windows updates are causing infinite bootloop - link


  • How to change or remove new start menu and replace with Xp/7 like menu - install Classic shell
  • How to Add or Remove OneDrive from Navigation Pane of File Explorer - link
  • How to Add or Remove Drives in Navigation Pane of File Explorer - link
  • How to Add or Remove Homegroup in Navigation Pane of File Explorer - link
  • How to Add or Remove Libraries in Navigation Pane of File Explorer - link
  • How to Add or Remove Network in Navigation Pane of File Explorer - link
  • How to Add or Remove This PC in Navigation Pane of File Explorer - link
  • How to Add or Remove Quick access in Navigation Pane of File Explorer - link
  • How to Add or Remove Recycle Bin in Navigation Pane of File Explorer - link
  • How to Add a OneDrive Open or Close Context Menu - link
  • How to change ugly Win10 desktop/explorer icons to either older Vista or 7 look - no fix as of yet
  • Remove start button/orb from second taskbar when using multiple screens - no fix as of yet
  • Some services & programs still start despite being disabled in services.msc and auto start, doing a regedit search and remove is the way to go - link
  • If like me you have already removed the search bar, but find Cortana is still running in the background. Here is the fix - link
  • How to prevent a broken windows update/driver from installing - link

The Darkmod:

  • No sound with EAX enabled link - the fix for now is to disable EAX as its not currently supported in any TDM missions.

Other info:

  • After installing windows 10, disable (Opt-Out) all privacy settings. But as a report from ArsTechina pointed out, even after the user has opted out, disable cortana/defender and done a bunch of reg hacks - Windows$ is still phoning home - link
  • Disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization as 1. it eats up bandwidth and 2. your PC can be used by M$ to distribute updates to other PC's around the globe - link
  • Its been reported that M$ has given itself carte blanche to scan your PC for s/w & h/w it deems unauthorised - link
  • Another thread detailing how to disable yet more of the tracking and which services/apps are phoning home - link
  • Disable/remove the Windows 10 upgrade notification if you are a Windows 7/8 user - link
  • Forced Windows 10 update has now been reverted due to public presure and or bad press - link
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I just tried to right click on "This PC" and click Manage and it worked on mine, what happens when you do it? and are you using the latest version of Windows 10?

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I just tried to right click on "This PC" and click Manage and it worked on mine, what happens when you do it? and are you using the latest version of Windows 10?

Nothing appears to happen for me, so in my case maybe some service needs to be running that I might have disabled - will investigate.


Fuggin Windows 10, it now appears to be working again... <_<

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the sound problem is on all sound cards someone at microsoft set the max volume too low. someone at tenforums.com says there's a regedit to fix it. or you can use vlc.exe to listen to music which seems to ignore the low max volume settings.

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the sound problem is on all sound cards someone at microsoft set the max volume too low.

Unbeleiveable, how the holy f**k did something so basic and essential get past QnA..?


And as a mate of mine reminded me last weekend, Microsoft actually have the unmitigated gaul to put this untested OS on sale atm... When did it become the norm for the public at large to beta test an OS..? A number of these large american corporations have been resting on thier lourals and enjoying thier market chare for far too long, so I can only hope this blows up in Microsoft's face spectacurlarly.

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my condolences to the victims of Win10

Win 10 is the beginning of a long and practiced development process involving morale and ethical methodology in order to help or minimize the practice of authentication. Long have M$ tried to protect the identities of those that use their products, I for one applaud them. The problem is one of ethics. Who would wish to know of that only known to you? Maybe no one, Maybe everyone, Either way some one always wants to know what they don't and that is human nature, So we are left with three questions: Do I need, Do I won't or Do I care?

Pretty simple really if you can conceptualize humility, Then the question is but one. Do I care? Most people answer Yes of cause because who doesn't right? But in the end it is inevitable for some other being to answer the question be they AI, Animal, God or alien. No matter what the answer it will always benefit those asking the question so in the end we come to the answer of a question and so it should be. I will ask the question in a minute but first I hate that I'm being spied upon at this minute as the words I type are being manipulated. None the less I still see life as a gift because of my upbringing (Kind) so If you read this then I ask you, Do you think you where raised as a person with the carat or the stick. Nature or Nurture?

I for one believe Nurture far out ways nature as nature does not reason.


Win 10 will be windows and that is that. I would love to talk about windows all night and day but time is stretching so I cannot. Windows from now on will be windows I think and as long as M$ stick to the morale of nurture then I think they will be. Other wise the Tech net will eat them alive as they have been trying for ever or at least since win 98.


I have been running TDM on win 10 since it first released (9926) and am now on Win 10 Pro full release and TDM run fine. I just hope multi GPU DX12 will live up to the hype.


PS. Hope I didn't offend anyone.

Edited by Tr00pertj

Laptop:Metabox P370SM3- Intel Core i7-4800MQ- 2x GTX780M SLI- 16G 1600Mhz- 500G Samsung mSata-1TB Hitachi HDD- 120Hz LG 1080p.Desktops:i75930k-2x GTX980 SLI-16G 2133Mhz-Evo120GSSD-Swift PG278Q1440p Gsync.Spare:AMD A10-7850K-APU-8G 1866Mhz-seagate 4TB-120G ssd. LoL Old:P75-1:1FSB-8M ram 512MB Maxtor HDD-1MB Cirrus Logic video chip-still got the parts somewhere?First PC-Tandy 512K Color computer.

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  • No sound from any XFI sound card, despite driver installed and the card set to default sound output - the fix, is to set bit depth set to 16bit / 44khz


Related: SB Z series drivers will be out this month or next for Win10. Based on everything I've seen and read on Win10 and with Skylake (at least for someone running triple screen resolutions) being what I would call a total flop vs. the aging 2600k Sandy Bridge, what could have been a really exciting year in technology seems to be fizzling out.


Oh well, I guess Sandy Bridge E is out next year and maybe they'll get Win10 sorted in another year as well...

Edited by Lux
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Found another bug/feature of sorts, and I'm not sure if its an MS of nVidia thing. I use Geforce Experence to record all my TDM videos and Tuts, under Windows 7 all I have to do was disable the service of the same name and the nvidia backend service.


But under Win10 this didnt work, so I went old skewl and checked the registery like I used to do for Xp and used the search keyword ' runonce ' and next them is a run key, and inside them was the nVidia back and shadowplay. So nuked them and bobe yer uncle GF exp, the backend or the streamer serivce no longer auto start.


Have also updated the OP -

  • How to disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization
  • How to disable disable cortana
  • How to disable a given windows update from installing
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Dont know if this is a Windows 10 issue and/or Office 2013, but I am seeing a bunch of lags/freezes when using Office 2013, Firefox, with a bunch of its built in apps and some times just the OS itself. Found a possible fix for the lag, updated the OP.


I'm getting closer to the point where I am going to revert back to either Win 7/8.1 Untill M$ sorts this sorry sack of shit of an OS out, I'm reverting back to my backup image of windows 7. And so I dont loose all the work I did to get a working USB key with the Win10 installer I found a way to take a backup image using ImageUSB


As people find other fixes tweaks I am happy to update the OP.

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some lag in windows 10 pro is caused by "windows defender's" real time protection, there's a registry hack to turn it off permantly, although if you have antivirus software running, then windows defender should be disabled by default, although in the pro version it sometimes doesn't do that. eg the real time protection is set so high that it will block a virus definition update for itself. other examples are firefox can take up to 20 minutes to start with the real time protection on and 2 seconds with it off, you have to use a registry hack to disable windows defenders real time protection as if you turn it off windows automatically turns it back on after 10 minutes and the registry hack makes the system think its on when it actually off.

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Thanks Stumpy, I was aware of Windows defender - but not that it was this pervasive.


Its also seems that Outloook 2013 isnt playing nice with Kasperky either, so I did a ScanPST and Compress of the outlook.pst file, buts still laggy. I think I may go back to Office 2010.

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Hey Biker. Thanks for the list and your work, even though i can't confirm most of the points you mentioned in your post... be aware that it probably highly depends on your system and hardware drivers, or general setup if you witness those bugs or not. I neither have the right click & manage on "This PC" thing, nor do i have a slow or unresponsive system, nor do i have a problem with internet browsing with set firewall rules. So you can't really say those are general things which apply to everyone. Never had Windows Defender running though, as i have my own antivirus, but then, many people have an external antivirus solution.

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I'm running SLi and 3 monitors (actually 4 monitors) and Nv Surround + SLi is a buggy farging mess right now in Windows 10 with flashing and wonky task bar behavior, etc, so I won't be upgrading any time soon...


I did refresh my system backups though so I'm "ready" at the drop of a hat but I think that's going to be at least 6 mo. and probably longer... booo!... oh well.


I'm definitely not upgrading my WMC pc that I use for DVR functionality and that replaces the absolute piece-of-garbage DVR that is Time Warner Cable's idea of a DVR with 2 tuners and hardware from 1999 in it.


No WMC ever again and Windows 7 support for only another 5 years... :(

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I did refresh my system backups though so I'm "ready" at the drop of a hat but I think that's going to be at least 6 mo. and probably longer...

Well some how, I managed to loose some of my files, and becuase I didnt notice the missing files got removed from all my other backups.


Time to buy a bigger backup drive for the NAS so I can setup multiple backups, as this is the second time in the last few years that something like this has happened.

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One of the main reason I went back to Win7, as it was obvious this situation was going to happen sooner rather than later -


After installing the KB3081424 update - Downloads, reboot to install. Gets to 30% and reboots. Gets yo [sic] 59% and reboots. Gets to 59% again and then states something went wrong so uninstalling the update. Wait a few minutes and reboot. Back to login screen This happens without fail, every single time. Since updates are automatic and mandatoryWindows will try to install the update again later, forcing another reboot and locking the user in a endless loop.

  • A potential fix is to remove the security identifiers that no longer exist in the Windows registry, however, hasn’t worked for all.
  • Micro$oft release a tool for removing unwanted updates, but as KB3081424 is a security patch the tool does not seem to allow users to block it.

It’s the second update glitch to hit Window 10: update KB3074681 came days before the big launch and crashed file explorer while there were also problems with Nvidia drivers.


I would like to know when MS will release a patch that will give control of windows update back to the end user.

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Does anyone else's sound pause for half a second at seemingly random intervals?


It doesn't matter if you're listening to music or playing a game or even watching YouTube, it will always skip half a second at random.


Its the only problem I'm noticing at the moment. I'm on Windows 10 pro btw

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Have you checked your bitrate setting as per the OP..?


Yeah I checked and its set to 16 bit 44khz.


But now that I think about it maybe Windows Defender is whats causing the issue

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