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Hi, I need to know what the code is to use Spoiler Tags. I am using my tablet and I don't have the options to use anything, like spoiler tags, quote tags, text changes etc.


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You simply place a pair of brackets around the word spoiler above your text.
Then place "/spoiler" between another pair of brackets below your text.

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I was having the same issue a few days ago with the spoiler tags not working manually. You can select the third icon in the reply box, Special BB Code and then select Spoiler. It worked for me this way.

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What language is your keyboard on? This is copied directly from your post:




As you can see, it doesn't work for me either when I copy.


If we look at the raw text (click the button in the top left of the editing screen), you see that there is a ton of formatting copied. You need to have the

-tag in plaintext.

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