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now I'm really afraid...


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Otherside Entertainment has Paul Neurath, so I'm not sure what you're afraid of.


It isn't a Kickstarter yet. They may choose to Kickstart each game or might not, but they have to release Underworld by November 2016 so that takes priority. This could be a teaser for a Kickstarter they launch in 2017.

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Otherside is made up of some ex-LGS folks. They're the right studio for this. 'Looking Glass' 'Otherside' of the Looking Glass. ;)


Task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen but to think what nobody has yet thought about that which everybody see. - E.S.

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The best thing about System Shock was the intro in the first game.

I wasn't terribly impressed. Playing SS2 in 2015 didn't change too much for me. If anything I sympathized more with Bioshock because of the nice 40's, 50's soundtrack, although it blatantly copy/pasted some mechanics - but who cares I play it like Quake anyway.


If SS3 is going to be like Dead Space with the old mechanics... well more choice in sci-fi games I guess.

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"I really perceive that vanity about which most men merely prate — the vanity of the human or temporal life. I live continually in a reverie of the future. I have no faith in human perfectibility. I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity. Man is now only more active — not more happy — nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago. The result will never vary — and to suppose that it will, is to suppose that the foregone man has lived in vain — that the foregone time is but the rudiment of the future — that the myriads who have perished have not been upon equal footing with ourselves — nor are we with our posterity. I cannot agree to lose sight of man the individual, in man the mass."...

- 2 July 1844 letter to James Russell Lowell from Edgar Allan Poe.


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Talking of intro, i always get goosebumps when i watch the intro to System Shock II. It's pretty awesome, of course the Brosius soundtrack plays a big part in that. I must admit i never played it through though. I played it through like halfways, then got a bit pissed off because the monsters respawned in areas i already had cleansed. Something which i hated about Bioshock too... i mean it's cool in moderation, but i hate it when it's too much.

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aw YAS ! I want to believe in the project but I'd first like to see more of Underworld Ascent before getting overly enthusiastic about it.
By the way, I saw on their facebook page that a folk asked the studio to do another Thief game. I quote their response : "I think that franchise is out of reach. But I'd love to revisit stealth at some point -Chris".

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