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what image ext are allowed here in the forums?

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Hi all, me again :unsure:

Now that I've learned how to take screenies on DM (thanks to Aluminumhaste) I wanted to post one that I took but I got an error saying that the image ext that I used was not allowed in these forums, It was .jpg so I changed it to .png and I got the same error again.


They're on Photobucket.


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How were you intending to add the image

If you were doing it via the "More Reply Options" I think that has to be on your computer

If it is via an on line site then the just click on the image icon in the menu bar and that allows you to put in the url of the picture

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I used the url for the image on photobucket. I used the 'Image' icon on here .


Well never mind LOL


I just tried what Oldjim said, I didn't know I could use them straight from my pc. Problem solved. Thank you both




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