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Version 5.0 of Sven-Coop, a cooperative mod for the original Half-Life, came out last week and now it is a standalone game (Valve gave them the goldsrc source code). This makes the mod 17 years old. The full half-life single player campaign is included too. I've been playing it for the past week and to be honest it's the most fun I've had with a game in years. I played the very early releases of the game way back and this new update is making me feel like a kid again (in that it's been a while since I've had this much genuine fun with a game and also I keep losing track of time and finding myself up at 1am). And I'm happy to see that a lot of newbie players are looking past the dated graphics and giving the game a chance. Lots of people on the servers that have never heard of a "jump-duck" :)


Anyways, I highly recommend it. There are apparently some serious bugs, but I've been running the game via WINE and opensource ATI drivers without any issues. Word of advice though: avoid servers with lots of players--there are only a few maps where a packed server works well. And if you're playing the single player campaign, I wouldn't play with more than 3 other people. If they're all friends, even better.


The team plans to continue development of the game and it seems that they want to try implementing some interesting things in the goldsrc engine. They've already added a scripting language for map makers and server admins that allows one to change almost every aspect of the game.

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Lots of people on the servers that have never heard of a "jump-duck" :)

Maybe because it is called crouch-jump correctly?? :D Just kidding. I will try this out, since I played it last time around seven years ago or something..?? I was there when the mod was only two or three years old and I LOVED this mod so much, especially when the SP campaign came out. Really nice to see it is still thriving. Thanks for the heads up! :)

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