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New Stealth Game, Free Demo

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Frozenbyte, makers of Trine and Shadowgrounds, are putting out a new stealth game called Shadwen. As part of the whole promo deal, GOG is offering the demo for free from February 24th to February 29th. They're also hosting a contest, with prizes for the highest-scoring players. You can grab the demo here, and find more information here. The game website displays player stats and more info.


[Edit] Sorry for the long post earlier, it was kind of rambley and probably didn't make much sense. Long story short, this seems like a neat game.

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Just tried the demo. It is still a bit clunky in my opinion. The freeze time thing needs some getting used to, but it might really be an interesting mechanism. All in all my first impression is quite good, albeit some issues are still there. I still don't get, why the girl is there. Hopefully this is explained better in the complete game than in the description.

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some people were complaining about the little girl not being seen when she wanders around in front of some guards, but the visibility view of a knight with a full metal helm would not be that great, they just wouldn't see her if she was standing a foot in front of them. its something like looking out of a horizontal slit in the metal that's 6 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. you can stand on two box height above a knight and they can't see you the player. although in this state they are rather clumsy watched them a few times walking through boxes.

the other guards the ones with the crossbows can move boxes back to there original position.

you can hide corpses in the piles of hay, at which point they seem to de-spawn, the corpses not the hay.

got to the end of the demo, you only seem to be able to get the little girl to go to the exit door by moving the two guards corpses, and putting them out of view behind some boxes, then hit the t key while looking at the ground in front of the exit door.


the guards can hear the grappling hook strike wood and will go and investigate the noise, if its on the same height as there heads or feet, or below, if its above head height they seem not to be interested,

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The game is of yet very rough around the edges and nowhere near the quality that Styx - Master of Shadows offers. Still, what the devs have released is a Beta demo, so there is hope that the game will be polished to perfection. I will certainly watch closely how it all develops.

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