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Weird render glitch in DR 2+

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Hey guys.

I recently felt the urge to get back into DR, but have since built a new pc and migrated to windows 10. With the wx widgets versions of dark radiant I am experiencing a strange rendering glitch resulting in edges being distorted in a seesaw like pattern, among other things (see attachment). This bug does not occur on the GTK+ versions (tested with 1.8.1). I dug through the forum and bug tracker without results, but I am hesitant to file a bug report as I tend to overlook things and development has been on the back-burner anyway. Also the error may be caused by a myriad of other things, like wxwidgets' opengl render context, my gpu, windows 10, etc. (If you think it's a good idea I'll create a bug report.) So I was wondering if you guys have experienced similar issues and thus have any idea what causes this behaviour and/or know a fix (apart from using DR 1.8.1, obviously ;~).


Relevant specs:

OS: Windows 10 Pro

GPU: Radeon R270 w/ 4GB VRAM


Thanks in advance!



PS: The render distance is also quite low, is that normal?

PPS: tdm itself looks just fine, in case that matters.


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In terms of the render distance, do you have "Enable far-clip plane" checked in the options? If so, uncheck it and it should get your render distance back up for you (it's what I ran into when I installed 2.03 on my new computer).

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the problem I had on windows 10 with the wxwidgets is that darkradiant crashes after 10 minutes of use (this be a crash to desktop with wxwidgets has had a problem error), didn't have the graphics problem so its probably the windows 10 graphics drivers for the graphics card you have.

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