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Fan Mission: Volta and the Stone by Kingsal (05/26/2016) V1.3


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@stgatilov Im not sure what happened but I did upload the old .map file by mistake. I dmapped in 2.08 and uploaded to the mirrors. Thanks for noticing this!

@lowenz Should be all good now! Im verifying the mirror are working, so just to be safe delete your old volta 1 folder and re download here


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Great mission! It took me almost 3 hours to finish. Wandered around trying to find all the loot etc, but was still 400 shy and found only 1 secret. All the small details worked very well and the story was easy to follow.

What I especially liked compared to other missions was that the layout was realistic and with my very poor orienteering skills I never got lost and could actually plan my navigation around the map.

Regarding the end part of map.


As some already mentioned, I was also a bit disappointed that in the very end there was no big fight against some monster, but one could just walk out of the tower.

One loot that can't be picked up:


The bag in the mailbox. I was even able to get it out of the maibox with some item on my hand, but still when it was on the floor couldn't pick it up.

I already started the next Volta and I'm hoping it proves to be on the same level!

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I have been bothered by the overly clear water effect in many TDM missions including this one.

I have attached two modified material files:



A water with a blend filter stage and the particle vfx material set to "sort last" so that lamp glares will render over the top of it.

Add these to a materials sub-folder in your volta fm folder to try them out. :)

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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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