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Best graphics possible in a remake?


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If we're talking about pure vanilla experiences then I would say the Thief 2014 reboot (graphically) has the best with a modern engine, high res textures and models it wins in my opinion.


However if you mean community driven offerings then yes TDM has the best graphics however I've seen some Thief G/2 FMs using custom assets that look better than TDM missions and vice versa.


It's all dependant on what the author does.

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Thief 2014 is technically excellent, best UE3 incarnation ever.


(What a wasted chance.....)


I mean a remake haha. Thief 2014 doesn't count as a Thief game in my book :laugh:




I've seen some Thief G/2 FMs using custom assets that look better than TDM missions and vice versa.

In this case, what's the best looking and atmospheric missions in TDM?

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