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FYI, my friend who's hosting the files is changing his ISP, so the links will be dead until after the move.


In other news, I'm slowly starting to overcome my lack of productivity. I've got a shitload of stuff to do IRL - I promise I didn't forget you guys. :(

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Ok, here are some new ones..


"Ruins" uses a rather lengthy sample from the Alien Trilogy OST, so maybe we can't use that one...


Please note that I didn't have had the time yet to transfer the older ambients to the ftp, but I plan to do so soon-ish.

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Sounds good, Schatten. I like the 1st one best. For the Ruins one: I don't think we should sample other sources and risk people getting sucked out of the thief-like immersion when they hear something sampled from another source. Just my opin

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I like em all. How hard would it be to "recreate" the sample you got from Alien? (Could you maybe upload the sample, I'm not really sure what it is you used)


Also, if you don't want to, you don't need to upload the old ambients again since they're all on CVS by now. (Although it would be nice to have them uploaded when you browse old threads, and click the links etc)


Damn I should update the ambient designdoc and the cvs thread someday..

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Thanks for the feedback guys, feels good to be back in biz.


Pak: All of the vocals on Ruins. All I could do there would be to cut the sample up and rearange it, but I honestly don't see the point if the length remains the same... I understand DF's point as well as I see possible copyright issues. I uploaded it anyways because if it can't be used in the official release, there's always the possibility people can use it for their "private" missions.


As for uploading the older ambients, it feels wrong to leave a thread with dead links, so if it's cool with sparhawk I'm gonna do that (about 21 Megs, that ok?).


SubjEff: This got me thinking... when we're going for the the toolset approach, maybe more "conservative" Thief-style ambients were in order? I mean, if we want to reach as many people as possible, shouldn't the ambients be "more true" to the original style? I can certainly try to do that, but - Eric Brosius I am not.


On the other hand, that three different people liked each a different ambient of those three best is certainly a good feeling. Thanks! ^_^

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Ah, I thought it was the bass thingy that was sampled. The vocals.. Not so easy to replicate then, heh. Well, could you upload a version without the vocals anyway? A sort of related question: How did you do the vocals on your other tracks? I'm curious since they're always so great. :) Do you use samples? Some VST plugin or what? Or do you just keep a children's choir in your basement?


Don't think you should change your style (it's perfect as it is) but if you want to try a more traditional Thief-sound don't let me stop you :)

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I usually search for vocal bits in classic pieces with as few percussion as possible, chop them into bits an rearange them. The first part of "Children" for example is made with a differently pitched sample bit of Addagio for Strings. Were talking about like, 1.5 seconds.


Sometimes I remember that something in my sample library would fit nicely over my current WIP. This happened with "Ruins", I had that Alien sample lying on my HD for a while and thought it would do nicely.


The problem is, I get very lazy then and don't modify/add anything when I'm satisfied with the sound - which means, if I cut away the vocals, there wouldn't be much left..


Come to think of it, the one exception where I didn't sample at all is "Defiled Church", where I created the vocals from scratch with a synth.

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Ok, here's a new one:


The next four I've made for Morrgan's FM TGG2, but I don't see why we shouldn't use them for the mod.


Of course, if you think they're out of question because they already gone public (albeit in much lower quality), I'm cool with that.

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