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Help wanted: adding new texture pack (for 2.06)


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Got the following pack from Cbeam thats been sitting on my hard-drive for a long while now, In a nutshell I would like someone to help me create this pack or better still take over from me (as I have numerous other projects to be getting on with)




The list of tasks that need to be done and I will update this as we go are -

  1. Create correct folder structure as per TDM norms.
  2. Create good hi-res normals.
  3. Create DX1/3 .DDS files.
  4. Create material defs.
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Do any of them come with normalmaps? You might be able to make use of a few marble ones without, but most of them will need good normalmaps to be usable.

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I might be able to help - I know my way around texture creation (for the most part), and I've got the Nvidia Normalmap plugin for Photoshop, though that can be a bit hit or miss depending on the texture. Don't know what my schedule will be like once the semester starts though, so no guarantees.


Also, I'm still working on those duct modules, if you're still interested.

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The two tools I have been using today are -

  • Paint.NET 4.09 and above of paint.net save .DDS images just fine, much faster workflow than GIMP or Photoshop.
  • DDS convertor 1.4 - https://vvvv.org/contribution/dds-converter (I have an nvidia card so this works reasonably well)
  • nJob for creating normals (see below)

An issue I have just run into and I may have to go back to the original author assuming he/she are still around is getting original master files so I/we can create decals with smooth edges.


What time do you have between now and when you go back?


Yes please, would like the prefabs/map of those duct modules.

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You ought to look through them and remove those which are obviously made for Thief (e.g. Hammerite and Mechanist insignia, some of those mechanical textures). Many are based on IRL photos, or are sufficiently generic, which would be OK, I guess.

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