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Tesla Spooky-Sound Radio Thingy

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I did not see this posted already...




So apparently one can get a kit to build this thing, and hook it up your PC's Sound system. The results are very similar to ambient music and effects which we hear in the fan missions. Also it looks and sounds just weird in a Steampunk kinda way.

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Quite literally a hands on plugin! Very interesting. This reminds me of my research I did when I was looking into the waterphone (I still want to pick one up badly!). It's really a flip because some users work better with software packages that house nearly any effect you can think of, whereas others (sorta like me) tend to reach more to analog and acoustic based instruments that are played manually by hand. I find that there's more depth (less compression feels) in acoustic generated sounds. Where it's a lot easier to fall into the category of a sampler who just loops the same sample which can be heard repeating in underlying layers to a track.

You need a model? Epi does you a model.

Toss me a PM I promise I don't bite.

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