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Steam Greenlight: TDM is ranked #1 atm.


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Gratz on releasing 2.05! "A New Job" looks like a proper mix of Thief 4 cityscape with TDS intro mission, and the level of detail is on par with modern expectations. The timing couldn't be better :)



Edit: although the safe code should be this ;)




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I know this almost literally has been discussed to death, but maybe would you kindly add some bulletpoints to the original post about going to Greenlight? Just so that people who weren't actively participating in the discussion could simply know what to expect from that?

How we speak depends on how we keep silent.

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I wanted to download the images from moddb so I could apply the logo and FM name/creator to them, but I ran into a problem...


Is there any way to access all the images uploaded to moddb as a "full" gallery, or just download all of them? The interface makes it difficult to get to any individual image, or to keep track of the position in the gallery. Just a loooong scrolling single-line gallery, showing max 6 images at a time? Not easy to use.


What's your email, I can send them all to your account, as long as you have the storage space for it.

I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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Speaking of the logo - what is the name of the "official" tdm font(s)? I have been adding the logo and FM name to the official screenshots myself, but it would look nicer if the text matched the font in the logo. I looked in the wiki, but could find nothing there.



Also: does anyone know which FM these screenshots come from? I could not figure it out myself:






I've added the font to the wiki, specifically in Font Screenshots.

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Is that just #1 of the current applicants? Or does it include games already on Greenlight?

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There is no Steam status prior to Greenlight. Greenlight is "we want to be on Steam" thus if a game is "on Greenlight" it is "applying to be on Steam".

We are number 1 amongst the games who are currently "on Greenlight" who are "trying to get onto Steam".

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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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