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Let's Map TDM With Sotha: The Bakery Job


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Interesting, you never step learning. Looking into it, the used algorithm is called spectral noise gating and it is actually quite simple. I should really get more into audio signal processing. :-)


This is a good place to start:


This channel, along with Curtis Judd Audio, is very good, I learned a lot from this guy. At one point it basically saved my recording, it was a concert in very unfavourable conditions, and with constant hum from nearby lamps.

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The beta version is up. Anyone can download it, betatest and give comments here. I'll wait a few days and then fix the stuff that is to be fixed.


If you want to play the bugfree final version, DO NOT download the beta version, but wait just a little longer for the final version. Play the beta version only if you want to participate in the betatesting.


Get the beta here:

Betatest has ended.


What is betatesting?

I've made the mission to as complete form as I can. Now it needs to be tested so that if there are some critical bugs, they can be fixed before the mission gets to the wider audience. At this stage, I am only interested in bugs: things that are broken and do not work. I will no longer redesign anything. I will just fix the obviously broken stuff you find and then the mission is finalized.


The final video is being encoded now and will be uploaded later.

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-The mapper's best friend.

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A few findings during my short beta-testing:


- The support beam to the left of the main entrance does not touch the ceiling. It is 1 unit too low.

- The well in the garden has not water. One can see just the grass.

- If I recall correct, the maid was supposed to relight the lamp over her work place in front of the oven. She never did. It was always the guard to relight it.

- She never bothered to relight the oven either. I think nobody in the mission ever even complained about it, let alone fire it again.


A few things that might actually be within/outside the scope of this basic misson:

- adding a loot objectve would certainly be a basic thing for any mission. I would suggest to add it.

Even if people can't see it in your videos, they might at least be able to look up how it was done when they open the mission in DarkRadiant, I guess.

- someone should notice when the cashbox is open and empty.


The mission package contains one of your savegames. The mission crashed when I tried to load it.



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Hello Sotha,


here are a few findings and suggestions:




I think there are typos in the intro text, but I'm not sure as English isn't my native language.


Maid is using a male voice while stretching outside.


Strange well in the garden, do they collect gras? :)

The guard, maid and the owner all go outside very soon after the mission starts,
which gives the player the opportunity to knock them all out and run through the rest of the mission.
Maybe there should be a second guard in the house only patrolling there? (eventually adjusting intro text needed)

Maybe let the box on the counter only be opened by the key (not by lockpicking), because when the player finds the key
they will nearly always already have lockpicked it? Finding the key would give a greater sense of achievement?

Maybe give a rope arrow to buy in the shop for the window?

Edit: Just noticed that one can jump up. Nevertheless maybe a rope arrow for the thief with style? :)

The lower part where the hiding place at the barrels is, is a little bit dark overall, maybe another candle so that the player has to be more careful?

How about making the recipe book readable and the secret ingredient is something really grim (Blood, etc., TDM style) :-P


One is able to jump on the garden white-red roof and then onto a tree and jump there to see over the wall (I'm mentioning it because you made the wall not climbable so that the player could not see over it).




I extremely enjoyed your Let's map and I hope you'll make other ones, superb work! :)

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Thanks for testing, OGDA and gnartsch! I think two test runs are enough for such a small map, so I'e ended the betatest.


I'll do the "final fixing pass" -video and release the mission hopefully this week. Daughter has been ill, so delays are probable.


-The mapper's best friend.

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Cheers! It is done! Mapping completed. Final video uploading.


Some stats:

Introduction 5mins

Modules 28min

Basic geometry 30min

Basic Backyard 24min

Interior details 64min

Backyard details 12min

Lighting 39min

Monsterclip 67min

Objectives&Readables 37min

Sounds 13min

Finalizing 34min

Briefing & Packaging 10min

Betatest Fixes with exterior extension 18min


Total 381 minutes. That is 6.35 hours.

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-The mapper's best friend.

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Six and a half hours is pretty impressive. It would be interesting to have some kind of contest to see what the shortest time to create a complete mission could be. If you used existing modules and prefabs, for example, could you do a decent, simple mission in 3 hours?

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Indeed, such a contest would be fun. 10 hour contest or something. The problem is that if time is cut, so is probably mission quality as people cannot make their stuff as good as they wanted.


I do not know what would be possible in 3 hours. Possible a one to two room mission.


In this mission, I made the modules in 30min and spent 30min to lay the basic geometry (placed the modules themselves.) But I spent over 60 min in monsterclipping + over 60min in interior details. So in this analysis the main time drain is monsterclipping and detailing. Modules do not help optimizing these tasks. I do not know how these could be done more efficiently.


-The mapper's best friend.

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I want to do some more videos showcasing my module sets, but after that I might take on this challenge. A speed build video.

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Modules don't have to restrict to architectural pieces. You can use detailing models either. I mean, we basically have such things already like dirt piles etc..


SEED is also a good way to add details very fast, although it can be buggy from time to time. I've used it to add the grass on the outside of my 'Builder Roads' FM.


Using scripts could also be of help. You place an empty shelf in you map and a scriptobject on it automatically fills it with suitale objects.

FM's: Builder Roads, Old Habits, Old Habits Rebuild

Mapping and Scripting: Apples and Peaches

Sculptris Models and Tutorials: Obsttortes Models

My wiki articles: Obstipedia

Texture Blending in DR: DR ASE Blend Exporter

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I would be up for a contest - actually, I am planning a small map that's using 2.05 assets, although that doesn't necessarily mean the modules - but it'd have to be 2 weeks minimum, like the 2015 Halloween mini-contest. You can build, polish up and release a mission under 2 weeks without cutting corners or delivering an untested mess.

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I am glad to hear that! This is exactly what I was hoping for when I decided to make the video series, so thank you!


Best of luck with the project, enjoy, and remember to ask for help in the editor's guild part of these forums if you run into trouble!


-The mapper's best friend.

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Yeh awesome series, so many good ideas, and learned some cool little tricks. So helpful, thank you Sotha. :)

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I have an eclectic YouTube channel making videos on a variety of games. Come and have look here:



Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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In my opinion that video series is one of the best currently available resources - if not THE BEST - for new mappers to start. It's such a pity that it now got buried on site 2 of the Editors Guild Forum.

I think it should be pinned on the top of this forum instead, so that people inclined to start mapping can easily find it. Shouldn't it?

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It is very valuable, no question. There is a link to it from the top of the A to Z wiki guide, which is where most new mappers would start, as well as in the "Important Editing Link" thread that's pinned in this forum.

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