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Using Springheel's 2.05 Modules [download in OP]

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There is not inherently, but I have made a custom skin that takes replaces the molding on the top with the walnut molding for each module:

skin mansion01_walnut_molding


 model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_door01.lwo
 model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_door02.lwo

  model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_window01.lwo
   model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_window02.lwo

 model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_pillar01.lwo
  model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_pillar02.lwo
   model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_arch01.lwo
    model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_arch02.lwo

    model  models/darkmod/architecture/handrails/mansion01_railing_single.lwo
 model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_vertical_spacer01.lwo
 model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_horiz_spacer01.lwo
 model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_ceiling01_128x128.lwo
 model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/mansion01_ceiling01_128strip.lwo
 model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/frame01_empty_large.lwo
  model models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_mansion01/frame01_empty_small.lwo
  model models/darkmod/architecture/doors/door_3panel_104x56.lwo
  model models/darkmod/architecture/doors/door_6panel_104x56.lwo
// for noshadows textures

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All the modules should already be able to use skins that match up with each other, even if that particular model doesn't have the skin listed under "matching skins". I'll have to take a look when I'm home though.

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I think in this particular instance this was not the case. If I remember correctly, there was no skin that explicitly added the walnut molding to a model and the module in question has the white molding by default. However, I am not 100% sure as it was some time ago that I made the skin.


Hello Destined,


Thank you very much for your quick help.


Do you mind if I send you a PM on that topic?

Be my guest. I am glad if I can help.

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