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You are interested in TDM and have an idea for your own map that you wanted to do? We are accepting a limited amount of mappers who want to use TDM for their own project.


There are some things you should be aware of though.


*) TDM is not finished yet. This means that you may have features missing which you may need. If this is a planned feature you may have to wait until we can implement it.


*) We try to plan the features and implement them, without changing them to much. This CAN happen though and this means that already working maps might brake if such a change occurs. We try to limit this and only release stuff that we consider as finished. So far this hasn't happend, but the possibillity exists.


*) If you learn new things it would be nice if you could post them for documentation or write tutorials, but this is not a strict requirement. Obviously it will help others and all can benefit from this.


*) Since TDM is not finished we don't want it to get distributed right now for various reasons. As a beta mapper you get early release versions, and in fact we already released a version to our first mapper. But because of the above limitations we don't want it to get out in public right now and get bad reputation for releasing "non working" stuff.


One thing that we hope for is, that beta mappers will at least finish a fully functional map. The idea is not only to get some feedback (which is of course an important part of it), but also to already have some playable maps available as soon as we can release TDM to the public.


Also keep in mind that you will not be part of the dev team, because we want to keep that seperated. The idea of the beta mapper is to have somebody who is using the tools just like users will use them once they are released. Therfore a beta mapper is not directly a team member (technically) because we want to prevent "mind pollution". If you are a dev you may approach something differently because you already know about something. Of course we are in close contact with the beta mappers so this is more a technical detail. TDM should be a black box to you and you don't need to have sepcific internal knowledge about the inner workings just to be able to use it (similar to Dromed).


If you are still interested, just drop a mail. :)


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I'm interested, but I'd need to see a list or somesuch of what functionality is available and what would be coming soon, before I make a map.


My idea would be a map along the lines of the Seaside Mansion from TDS (start out in boat moving ashore, crawl into caves with spiders, emerge into shaft ala Cetus level, move up shaft progressibvely, from shaft exit have multiple ways into Mansion, then rob Mansion)


Sorry for not using email, but my accounts are swamped right now.

Loose BOWELS are the first sign of THE CHOLERA MORBUS!
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Oh shit yes. id like to be able to start a mission or just screw with what you got at the moment. maybe get a layout for a map done and some textures on. then add the rest in as its avalible.


My idea:


i alwas liked the original thief the best. the game was filled with awsome maps such as hammer cathidrils and giant mansions. i would like to make a manson map like lOrd Baffords then have the objectives lead in to another mission where you have to get in to a hammer cathidrile/base kind of thing. the church wouldnt only be a church tho. more like a place where the hammers live and keep there secrets. its ruff but first things first. BUiLd

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Please tell me i can use these tools


please please please


i am very interested in using your tools to create a map


who i must get in the sack with to get the chance to map with this mod


what do you want from me if you do chose me to be a Beta Mapper how much of a time frame do i have and do you want to see the results.



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Got any examples of your work? Right now we've got a few talented newbies mapping, but we're also wanting some people experienced with either Dromed or Radiant to balance things out.


If you're still pretty new I'd suggest getting some practice in and waiting for the Milestone 2 betamappers sweep.

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Really i dont have much experiance... but i have been meesing around with doomedit here and there and have been a long time dromed maper without any reall story line and without any clear idea of what do make a mission about i have been using the editors just to create when i am bord. you know just have nothin


i think that i could do better if only i could get good theme going...


mostly i have done lots of nothing...


i have been messing around with this but never have a clear vision.. just maybe i try this or that and see what it looks like then format (computer gets messed up) my hard drive and loose all my work and then start all over...


so i guess i have some experiance but i never really finished anything...


want to with this project

how do i send a sample map

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  • 4 weeks later...

Man i'd say anyone that can figure out dromed is a good liability for a beta mapper.... Comin from a guy whos fought the worst bugs 3ds, lightwave and maya had to offer, that shit is whack!

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Hey i would like to have the tool, iv done maps in the 1st dromed that was ever out , for Thief 1 during a whole summer before i got Internet and then i still made at least 2 maps for Thief 2, never messed with T3 except played it of course cause it was very dissapointing sequel to T1 & T2 !!



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Milestones are timeframes where we try to have certain things in the game by a certain date. Like milestone 1 was all the Thief basics, a working lightgem, rudimentary AI that works in accordance to the lightgem, a small weapons set...all that good stuff.


And yeah, you're more than welcome to come along since you've got a bit of Dromed experience. I'll talk to everyone else and see what they say, if they're alright with it I'll sign you up if you want.

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I interested make mission for DARKMOD!


I am not professional radiant user, but i have few editing skills.


I not realy like d3 emty space logic i think, unreal and dromed

solid space logic is better. I think how resizing the size of

rooms, especialy windows dificultest than dromed and

unrealed. Spite the Radiant using more confortable

than dromed, Too!!!! I more like thief lightmapped

lightning, doom3 realtime lightning looks for me

too hardware eater, and dificult to use. No

problem, i could optimize!!

I very like vertex editing in radiant. This function

wonderful. Comparable with dromed, radiant fast, and confortable!



My best fm: Cop in the shadow


This looks like average quality fm, but very optimized,


most places the polycount 150-70


And not more than 220!!!

The optimisation steal my time, this cause how my fm not a biggest


I spend many energy make good look lightning, and good

scarry feeling!!




Some screenshoots:



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I spend too much time to optimisation.


Two place in mission the polycount reach 220 or 240 ??

This the maximum.


My biggest disadvantege how i every time try create

map with big framerate. This cause i use less Ai,

arhitecture, object, mission look bad and i

waste many time. But i can make good


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I am so sick of Thief edit crashing every five minutes:



Does any one know when this D Mod tool set will be done because I am tired of trying to work with the Thief 3 editor: my goodness it is awful



So when is it going to be done


Or when can I get a download of what you guys got done


I would be willing to accept a GAG ORDER or something just to get my hands on this beta....


Tell me where to down load


I am not asking to be a beta tester or asking to help you or asking to prove my skill or show of my creations. I am not going to make fun or poke or anything I am just wondering what harm can there be in letting a non-entity download especially since I have never posted a demo or a level. If with holding downloads it to prevent people from poking fun at unfinished work then don’t worry because I wont poke fun I know you aren’t done yet. I understand all your reasons for not wanting early releases. But a single guy downloading your beta wont be a early release it would not even count because I wont talk about it I will just use it for my own creative whatever.... I just like to use dromed to make places. Since service pack 2 on xp dromed (thief 2) doesn’t work and thief 3 editor crashes and doomedit is all futuristic metallic and I think that’s great but it’s not what I need...


I need to juice up my doom edit because it is stable and it works. I need something like your tool set so I can start back to creating castles and towns and houses and mansions



I just am a guy who has lots of time at night to make a house or a building that I have always wanted to see I don’t have anything to show you as most of the time I delete things and start over not really getting anywhere with story or background


I just need to get it please... I am going through withdrawals I need a creative outlet you can help me I know you can


Oh no here come the shakes and the fits...argh I just had another withdrawal symptom please save me…


Please tell me where to download whatever you got so far that would be great..


Uh uh I cant stop shaking and puking till I get it

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You could always break out D3Ed and play around with it in the meantime. We're not changing total functionality of the editor, so playing with Radiant for awhile, even without the Darkmod assets, will give you a good idea of what you'll need for when we finally release everything.

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Don't expect too much in terms of stability from Radiant either. The editor is fantastically powerful, but it still crashes just as much as other game editors (i.e. quite a lot compared to commercial or mature software).

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This is to Orbweaver [politely and with great admiration and respect]


i may be wrong but i have had way better luck with the doom3edit than the thief3 editor...i think it is more stable or something about the order things are rendered is better in doom edit)


may be my vid card being a radeon I have heard many others like me having trouble with the thief3 editor totally locking up a computer (requiring cold boot) just after doing a subtraction.




I did notice a great difference in the amount of LOCKUPS i go thru a day if I am careful to turn AI all the way up in catalyst and if I build al as per settings before i try and subtract ...like when I move some solid or delete it then try to subtract from it ...just as soon as I press the subtract icon the entire computer crashes and I have to cold boot ...when I get window back up I get a message about how the system has recovered from a error blah blah blah...


so anyway for me thief 3 edit is going to be useless if it continues to act up i am going to get rid of thief and just use DOOMEDIT (dark mod )


point being i like to make castle and medieval type setting or even Victorian settings but I don’t like to make space-age mars metallic starship stuff...note my handle Medieval...Radley... I can’t get inspired to create using textures like that doom has. Don’t get me wrong I do like the doom game its pretty good too.

I need earthenware and trees and grass and “you want to go to the bear pits tomorrow …there’s gunna be a real eye gougen… stuff like that stuff like uh oh I think …uh argh her comes another fit djfoaisd kljfojrofhasjlkfhajkdlfh…


I cant take it anymore please just let me have it I will be you best friend…




ps to the teem " please do hury"

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...and considering 3 years is the average development time for a commercial game made by a team of professionals with 2 or 3 times the number of people we have, all working full time, I think three years is a reasonable time for us, in fact its more than reasonable, we should really be taking 6 years.

Civillisation will not attain perfection until the last stone, from the last church, falls on the last priest.

- Emil Zola


character models site

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may be my vid card being a radeon I have heard many others like me having trouble with the thief3 editor totally locking up a computer (requiring cold boot) just after doing a subtraction.


Make sure you use the Flesh renderer rather than the Unreal renderer when subtracting brushes with a Radeon. The Flesh renderer is activated by clicking the "ION" button above the 3D viewport (NOT the one on the main toolbar), and you will see that it is active because the rendered view looks like it does in game.

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