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What about for use as textures? (If I get D3ed and use these as rough textures to play about with it. If I'm good enough I can email and get the official resources.


Doesn't that lose all the proportions of a rectangular image as well?


I'll play around with what I've got some time (not today) and see if I can do anything you might want as a source file.


I actually made the tiled images smaller than 1024x1024 because I thought it'd be excessive otherwise. You know, a tiny tile or chunk of floorboard being that big...

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They don't NEED to be 1024x1024... in truth as long as the dimensions are powers of 2 and the image isn't more than about 1.5 megs when compressed as a DDS file, it's ok. So something like 2048x512 would be just fine for a rectangle.


Yeah, sorry...I only meant 1024 x 1024 as a common frame of reference. As long as the final file size doesn't exceed 1.5 megs in dds, you're cool.

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And it has to be some combination of: 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048, right?


E.g. 128x512 for a little thing, 2048x1024 for some big rectangle. Is 768 allowed?


Do you want any textures? They might be stuff that you haven't got, seeing as they are of my house.


E.g. rough external render finished in limewash, worn floorboards painted white, sandstone renders (plus the mud and stone round here is really red. Iron or something probably). Here being Somerset, England.


I'll send you some if you want, if you give me an email adress.


I'm gunna buy Doom3 off Amazon marketplace. Nice and quick. £11.

Can't really be arsed with eBay. Takes too long.


Edit: Problem: 1024*1024 textures are 3 MB. Should that be halfed to 512*512 then?

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I was thinking about making some textures taken from buildings around New York City as a way to tour the city and take a break when I finish school, especially around the Village (1800s apartments, window-sidings and facade embossings), and downtown ("Civic" style, e.g., more "official" looking facade embossings). Whether you can use them or not, I thought it'd be great practice ... but if you can use them all the better.


If I can get away with it, I'd love to dig into people's apartments and get some interior designs ... I could tell them I'm from an architecture magazine and want to take photos for a feature. :laugh:


Is there any way I can get my hands on the Doom3 Texture tutorial, since it seems to be missing on the D3 forum?

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What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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A quick overview on how to do it:


Make sure your picture is either a tga, dds, or jpg (i think theres other formats, but these are the most common really)


Make sure the image is in powers of 2, such as 512 x 10124 or 1024 x 1024 etc


Paste the picture in Doom3/Textures/(any folder you want) and remember the path to it


Now make a text file in Doom3/Materials and call it whatever you want. Now copy the following into it:

textures/(whatever name you want to call your texture. You can have it path down further, as this is the name of the material and is the way you'll find it in D3ed)
qer_editorimage textures/(name of texture, along with affix, eg broom.tga)  // This is the texture to be shown in the editor
diffusemap	   textures/(name of texture, along with affix, eg broom.tga) // This is what will be used ingame
bumpmap		 textures/(name of texture, along with affix, eg broom.tga) // If you have a normalmap for your texture, put it here


Save the file and rename its affix from .txt to .mtr


Done! Now open D3ED and find your texture.

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Done it!



Also using the GIMP normal map plug in (converts greyscale heightmap to normal map) I have made a specular, normal mapped brick texture, and white painted floorboards.


I was confused that "Diffuse map" is what they call "A bog standard texture. You know, the bit with the colours and that.


Having played around I now realise though that my textures were far too good quality, d3 textures are very low quality. Well. Kind of. I had a brick at 256x128, looked a bit blocky in the GIMP, but in fact 64*32 is more appropriate for a tile of just 4 bricks.

So I was surprised at the level of detail, or lack of it.


So I'm on track to making some maps with some good Dark Mod style textures.

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"Diffuse" is a lighting term, refering to light that gets evenly scattered in all directions. In other words, a diffusemap is the part of your texture that interacts with lighting and stays the same regardless of the angle you're viewing it from.


"Specular" on the other hand, is more like a simulation of a reflection, and changes brightness depending on your viewing angle.

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Well considering the resources (only my home made textures, with scec and normal maps, and that Cage Light model) it's going good. I'm making a warehouse type affair with a walled garden outside where you start (you climbed over the wall...) with a working glass window looking in. The rubbish metal futuristic Doom 3 doors serve as the working doors though, unfortunately.

In the 2 stage stairway there is a large window overlooking an alley with a closed house at the end with a broken porch.


Inside there is only a corridor, staircase, and one room (with the window looking onto the garden).


The textures are 4 different brick textures, an off white plaster, 3 sizes of decorative tile, a red flagstone tile, white painted floorboards, grass for the garden, the closed door, and the window.


With more to come.


For my first map it's looking pretty good.


Oh and of course it is visportalled. I'll put up some screenshots on imageshack sometime.

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Screenshots of my first map. Comments welcome. First map, custom sky I downloaded off the net, not great. I'd prefer to have TDM official resources one of course. Other textures all hand made.


Problem: the light bitmap shows through walls. Mind you they always do don't they? In many games this happens. E.g. GTA3.


It started off as a warehouse affair, but I've attached a chapel onto the side. It could be a Builderite chapel with a bit for the staff off the side. It has classic Thief II style toilets, a room with a cardboard box, and an upstairs officey space, with a cubicle. It is a kind of off-duty space also. Crude wine rack. Broken wine bottle on the floor.


Struggle to work with the Doom 3 models, being lacking in Thiefiness.









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Is it the kind of stuff required to become a beta mapper?


I realise now something I should have done is reduced the thickness of the green wood panelling.


I agree that the brick texture could be better. Also I should reduce the specular map brightness on certain things to reduce the shininess.


However I spent hours and hours making those textures, so I wanted to get on and finish the map.


Couple of questions for more experienced types:


All the textures apart from the door and the window are "Natural". Is this how it should be? Low res. textures applied without scaling?


How do you coloured lighting? I went to entity with the light selected, I added a colour variable and set it with the RGB colour chart picker thing. But the light didn't change. I cloned the light, still didn't change. Just white.

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The textures should be set up any way you choose, anything that looks right. Many times "natural" will work, but many others, not. Try everything on the surface inspector (S) and it'll start to become more clear. Hopefully you know some of the more useful shortcuts.*


For light color, it's pretty straightforward, maybe you just didn't hit Okay?

Select the light, hit J, hit Color, select the color, hit Okay, hit Okay again. Or, skip J and hit K to go straight to the color picker.


*Some useful shortcuts:

1. Inspectors window, have the Media tab opened. MMB (middle mouse button) a brush. DoomEd automatically scrolls to that texture in the texture hierarchy.


2. Shift MMB on a surface; applies the current texture to a face. The texture is applied with scaling, rotation, and alignment preserved. Ctrl-shift-MMB the same, and the settings are not preserved.


3. Select a brush (shift LMB) or face (ctrl shift LMB), then MMB another brush face. The texture is applied to the selected.


4. Controls on the surface inspector are pretty self evident, the only real confusing one is the Absolute frame. With that checked, scaling there is absolute, relative to the texture at natural setting (I believe). Without absolute checked, the action will be cumulative (keep hitting enter, and it will keep scaling).


Patches... become a bit trickier. Still trying to figure out some of the best ways to texture those (with moderate success).


If anyone finds or knows of more of these, please post them.

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I was thinking about making some textures taken from buildings around New York City as a way to tour the city and take a break when I finish school, especially around the Village (1800s apartments, window-sidings and facade embossings), and downtown ("Civic" style, e.g., more "official" looking facade embossings).



I've just bought a cheap digital vidcam, Philly has tons of great architecture that would be perfect, that sounds like the perfect way to spend some vacation time. I live right down the street from Eastern State Penitentiary, the U.S.'s first, built in the early 1800's. Its full of rotting brick walls, crumbled wooden rooms, ivy gone wild,beautiful mildew and water damage stains like abstract art, long empty hallways with trees and bushed growing through them. I worked there for a few months as a tour guide and I'm cool with the site manager so it should not be a problem getting around. Its the thiefiest place I've ever worked, pretty neat. (Once in a tunnel I found a dead rat the size of a squirrel, excluding tail, and when I came back to show a buddy it was gone. :ph34r:)

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Long empty hallways... tour guide... so it's no longer in use and is open for show? That sounds great. I'm off to look for a website!


Found it! http://www.easternstate.org/

and http://explorer.altopix.com/gotoearth.php?id=dbjek3


WOW! Perhaps a future road trip is in order.


Edit: heh, looks like the Cradle: http://www.easternstate.org/album/arch/set2/9.html

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Wow, that was back in the day when they really meant them to be "Penitentiaries", that is, rooms to isolate a criminal so he could reflect on his sin and do penitence to God.

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What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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Make sure you use the Flesh renderer rather than the Unreal renderer when subtracting brushes with a Radeon. The Flesh renderer is activated by clicking the "ION" button above the 3D viewport (NOT the one on the main toolbar), and you will see that it is active because the rendered view looks like it does in game.


I eventually would love to create maps using the Dark Mod. I have had experience working with Dromed, being a huge fan of Thief 1 & 2. I however would be interested in getting your beta releases of the engine, and I will gladly work on writing an Help Guide, and Users Manual for it if you would like. I can use Adobe Acrobat or what ever format you prefer. Let me know if your interested.





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Okay guys I have a question. I have been working on (more like dicking around really lol) a map of a bank/museum, and I have a couple of questions.




Now in some of the pics I've circled the problem areas in red. Now my question is; why does the doom3 renderer do this to the faces?? The group is a single brush, so it should only have 2 tris showing for the entire face a-la quake 3 arena.

Same thing for up on the balcony, there is a lot of tris being drawn for a single brush. In the last picture, you can see some tris showing up through other brushes. Am I doing something wrong??

I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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As for the tris that show up through other brushes: this may be a problem with your visportals. If your rooms are not properly separated, Doom renders all the brushes in your field of view, even if they are blocked by other brushes. Don't know if this is new to you or not.


Can't say what's with the other brushes being split up in too many tris. Maybe this is due to Doom's light scissors? Also it looks like the bevels may play a role, as the cuts seem to be aligned to the bevel's faces. Like here in the right part of the image. But this should not hurt too much as long as your light- and shadowcount is low enough.

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