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So had a look at this for Momoderator -

  1. material defs had typos and were missing some info, \ instead of / etc. So I created a single def with the correct info and changed a few things.
  2. some typo's in the textures names, spec but had specular in the material def. and normal instead of local.
  3. missing the qer_editorimage in material defs and image files.
  4. I changed the texture paths in the .ASE file to match the changes I made.

So I created a model in DR and used your textures and its appears fine in-game so that would indicate there is an issue with the exporeting process. I see your using ASCII export 2.51, I dont know if there is an issue with this.


@Attached log as per Springs post above -




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If the export process does it automatically, that's fine. But the engine won't display an untriangulated mesh. That's the only thing I've encountered before that would explain a model that can be loaded but not displayed.


86 contained polygons removed



That's the only unusual thing I see in the condump.

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So I guess it really is something wrong with my mesh then. I made a simple cube with a simple texture all inside 3DS Max and exported it, and it worked fine.


EDIT: Huzzah, I somehow fixed all the crates! The first 2 times I imported my crates in Max and then exported to ase didn't work, but now on the third try, it worked. Thank you very much for all your help! I guess it was all the Blender plugin's fault...


Anyway, now that I'm relatively familiar with the whole process, I want to get to work. What models are needed currently?

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Anyway, now that I'm relatively familiar with the whole process, I want to get to work. What models are needed currently?

Drop New horizon/Grayman a Pm for read-only permission to our SVN repo, you can then have a look through what we have atm and come up with suggestions.

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