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As @RPGista suggested, here I am, making a topic dedicated to my stuff.


Firstly on our spotlight we have my attempt at making a sickle. Here's my original post:



Here's some of my progress on the base diffuse map. No proper normal map or specular map, just baked normals + diffuse.


Feedback is, as always, very appreciated.

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Pretty cool texturing. You could already take it in game and see how its looking. In case you want a reference, a blender unit translates as a doom unit when exporting, and a doom unit is roughly an inch (2,5cm). So scale your model accordingly. Small models can get away with very small texture sizes. The more textures used in a map, the more it takes to load. It also bloats the game size. So try to make it as small as possible. Chances are, unless its a HUD model, you wont notice any difference for small objects like that.


You will want to use tileable stock textures as much as possible as well. For the reasons stated above. But also, because it allows for different skins, even if the modeler doesnt provide them (because, chances are high that the uvmapping will work well with other tdm tileable textures, so any mapper can set them up if they want to, without having to know how to use a modelling program).


Even though you can only have one material per mesh, you can have several meshes in a single model, each with their own material. So in this case, you have the wooden handle and the metal blade, they should be two meshes, with different materials. The process is the same, you need to go inside the ASE text and overwritte the path for each of the meshes' bitmap (material).


PS: So as to not derail this thread, lets take this discussion to a dedicated thread of your own, just create a post for your work in the Art Assets forum and we'll take it from there.


Good to hear Blender units translate nicely.


So you're suggesting I should split the sickle into 2 meshes with separate materials so that mappers can re-texture it?



So far so good. Maybe a bit of wood grain in the handle?


Will do!

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Looking good! I like that the specular is not very evident. A good idea would be to add grime to it, both the diffuse and the specular, for a rough ordinary metal blade look. An object that small and simple probably wont even need a normal map.

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They look great, nice job.

I have an eclectic YouTube channel making videos on a variety of games. Come and have look here:



Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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Quite nice. Making movable entities is a bit tricky. My suggestion would be to find an existing entity that is pretty close to a sickle and just change the name and model line to point to your model instead.


For example:


entityDef atdm:moveable_saw_hand
"inherit" "atdm:moveable_small_base"
"editor_displayFolder" "Moveables/Tools"
"model" "models/darkmod/tools/saw_hand.ase"
"mass" "3"

"friction" "0.2"
"bouncyness" "0.03"
"snd_bounce" "tdm_impact_sword01"


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Here's a nice Sketchfab preview.


Anyway, I made a collision model and exported it as an ASE, then in DarkRadiant added a clipmodel spawnarg thing to the func_static pointing to the collision model. And it didn't work, the console kept complaining it can't open it.


As far as I know, your collision model and detail model are exported as the same mesh (with the material names being the identifier). That's how my LWO models have had collision materials or shadows added. Works %100 of the time as long as material names are minded and there's no ngons or anything. From my knowledge collision models will be most accurate as long as they comply to convex shapes. To be fair TDM's auto-collision is some of the best I've seen (in any engine) but it's expensive if you're just referencing the detail model.

You need a model? Epi does you a model.

Toss me a PM I promise I don't bite.

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