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No rendering on screen (and no way to fix it without accessing newer assets)

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Hello all,

I am trying to compile and play The Dark Mod under my platform (Gentoo Linux).
After patching the patchable to make it compile, it turns out that no rendering is shown on screen at all: black screen (with resolution change), mouse is responsive and I can hear the reaction of the GUI to its movement (clicks and all); also the background music (soothing, charming, beautiful... but that you know already) cuddles my ears.
I started the bisection of the code from version 2.05 (I think... it was r6753) to r7203. It took me a while (none of the commits compiles out of the box, and different ones require different patches), and in the end I found that r6834 works for me (at least the menu screen!), while r6835 does not any more (as above).
I have the output to screen of two runs. In thedarkmod-r6834.txt, I started it with no arguments, and then quit. In thedarkmod-r6835.txt, I started it with no arguments, then I switched to a text console and killed it (because I could not see the GUI to quit). The only files that changed between the two runs are thedarkmod.x86, gamex86.so and tdm_game02.pk4.

Any suggestion for me to have this work?

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I'll try to get you a pack of assets when I get a chance. I agree with Duzenko though. We need public read only assets for SVN builds. Even if it's just for glprogs and material defs.

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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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I might be wrong but...

Backup your tdm_base01.pk4 and tdm_gui01.pk4

the scripts will go into the tdm_base01.pk4 (as zip) /scripts, overwrite all

and the guis as... tdm_gui01.pk4/gui, overwrite all.





// that was terrible english... corrected.

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