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I'm trying to write a couple of scripts to walk the graph and tweak every light entity. Trying to make sure the script will do the right thing first by just printing changes instead of making them. But DarkRadiant is crashing every time I run the script.


The script itself, the darkradiant log, a test map I had that it crashed on, and the crash dump itself are all at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xi5sf4adyzkmpyu/darkradiant_crash.zip?dl=0

I'm running DarkRadiant version: 2.4.0 (x64) on Windows 10 64 bit. I'm using it here to make a Quadrilateral Cowboy map.

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It seems DR is crashing when accessing the walker instance you're passing to traverse(). Turns out you'll need to explicitly init the super-class in your LightWalker constructor:


class LightWalker(dr.SceneNodeVisitor):
def __init__(self, fix_on):
self.fix_on = fix_on


This fixed it on my end.

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