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Fauna Idea: Offal Slugs


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The idea is that these things are in sewers, and if you step on them, they burst with a disgusting crapping/farting sound and leave a foul smelling waste behind. They'd be slugs that, whether through natural evolution or magical tampering, have evolved to mimic a piece of shit. Maybe they could be captured and sold to alchemists for ingredients, I don't know. The idea came to me when I was trying to come up with an animal that would count as "fantasy" in our world, but isn't too unbelievable as actually existing. Their main purpose is as an organic part of the natural world that could attract hostiles. Civilians and guards would have all sorts of nasty insulting names for them. What do you think?

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havent seen any anoying things like turd minions in tdm/thief.

i think it may affect the general "flow" (enemy animation speed) of the game.

maybe you can get some animations from d3 imp, or something like that.


do you have found and made contact with a modeler/ animator to create 3d objects of your creations? or create them yourself.

otherwise they will never be in tdm.


for inspiration, have you played some other thief-games yet, to get a feeling for it?

(and yes, they are on steam for easy installation.)

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Been playing Dishonored series. Good games. I hope we get a game where we go on a safari to Pandyssia, and see the Albino natives which are used as slaves by the empire of the isles, and the herds of blood-ox, the gazelles, the jungles and deserts, and the sea of monsters between the isles and pandyssia!

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