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I made a darkmod gamepad layout for Xpadder


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Probably one reason I never played with my xbox controller was I couldn't be bothered to work out a profile.

So thanks for this. Next time I play I'll try this out and comment if I have any suggestions.

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I tried to attach the file itself, but the forum wouldn't let me.

Yeah, the forum permits certain file types. You can get around this by adding a txt ending to the file you wanna upload.

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Cool stuff!

I made one a couple of years back too B)



I've also made one for Controller Companion on Steam:


But not a lot of people use CC I think, especially with the new Steam Big Picture controller setup.


Steam BP mode has a really nice feature allowing you to make your own profiles for games, even non-Steam games launched through Steam. So I've made a profile for that as well, but I don't think it's that easy to share since non-Steam games have unique ids so you can't browse content others have created.


If TDM ever makes it to Steam proper, it will be easy to share controller profiles with others ^_^

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Fair enough. If you don't use the bow very often, it surely won't make that much of a difference. I think especially fast paced shooters benefit from mouse movement.


I prefer to use my gamepad for the Tomb Raider games e.g., or racing games. Racing games are of course quite tricky with a mouse. :P

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I haven't tried this particular lay out but I did find an xpadder profile on here, intended for TDM, that I adapted for New Dark and Thief 1 & 2. It works perfectly for the Dark Engine games because of its built-in analog joystick support. I can't tell you how great analog support is in a game like the Thief series with the ability to crouch 'n' creep oh oh so slowly with incredible precision. Speaking of which, has the latest version of TDM adopted analog support for controllers yet? I've been getting back into Thief FMs using the Xpadder profile I mentioned and a Sony DS4 controller with DS4Windows but I'd love to start playing TDM FMs again.

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I just got Xpadder myself, but none of the profiles here is intuitive or in line with controller layouts used in other FPS games. Typically, left stick is for movement, right stick is for moving camera around. B is for cancelling things or crouching (in some games it's RStick button, but it's quite uncomfortable to use frequently). RTrigger is for attack, LTrigger for block/reload (usually). A is for accepting things, using stuff, activating things, or jumping. X is also good for using stuff, activating etc. Y is sometimes used for jumping too. RStick for zooming is ok. D-Pad is fine for selecting weapons and/or inventory stuff, although with X360 controller, especially a new one, you have to press these directions quite hard to get an input. Start button is always the menu button (ESC). Back button is ok for maps, or maybe objectives?


I'll try to come up with something of my own, if the time allows ;)

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I agree that my bindings are far from "gamepad standard". I tried to make them as simple as I could, but when it comes to control complexity, darkmod is more like a simulator than your average FPS.


Not really, it just has quite a few keybinds. But so does e.g. Dishonored 2, which can be easily played with gamepad. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I'd just take a look at one or two control schemes and try to make something similar for TDM:



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I have most keyboard controls remapped to my liking, so my Xprofile isn't super useful, but using Dis2 control scheme I came up with something like this:


Left stick: W, S, A, D

Right stick: mouse

Right stick button: walk/run (toggle in_alwaysrun 0 1)

Dpad up/down: previous/next inventory item

Dpad left/right: previous/next weapon

X: frob

Y: use inventory item

A: jump/mantle

B: toggle crouch

LTrigger: parry/manipulate

Rtrigger: attack

Left and right bumper: lean left/right

Start button: ESC

Back button: map


I think that's pretty good starting point, works good in game.

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It's a slightly changed Dishonored control scheme, so it's not like I came up with it entirely on my own, or only for my taste. Also, you can't bind all the keys to a gamepad, obviously. You have to give up some of them.




I prefer analog speed control controls on left stick myself though.


Not sure what you mean about analog speed controls, but I didn't find the way to have analog movement controls, only camera uses that in TDM. WSAD (or WASD) keys are just two-state. If you just meant switching camera controls and movement, that's mostly your subjective preference. I feel like this convention has been in games for decades now, I can't remember a game that would use anything other than left stick for movement and right stick for camera, and that applies to all the genres, at least for X360/One controller.

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