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The new X-Files


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And why you ask? :D


It'a mini season, good enough.

Because Season 11 Episode 1 was absolute garbage, it was by far one of the worst new season episode I have ever seen.


1. It did not make sense coming from the end of season 9.

2. It looked like the speed was so hectic that it was a way to cover up such bad writing. (now you see it now you don't - wait WTF just happened?

3. It was a mishmash of utter nonsense.


But I was wrong in this was not going strait from season 9 and that there was a season 10, therefore my negative comments will have to wait until I watch season 10.

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Hasn't there only been one episode aired yet?

Now there is 2 new episodes, they come out on Monday, next episode #3 will be January 17th


"But I haven't seen season 11 yet. Going to watch it"


Coming from 10 to 11 will at least let you understand WTF is going on. I came from the Original and the Movie during the originals, Season 1 to Season 9. So this Season 11 episode 1 looked like a series of flashbacks and complete nonsense. But again I had no idea this was season 11 and there was actually a season 10 before.

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I'm surprised you hadn't heard of season 10 since it was heavily promoted as a six episode event.

And in watching the first few episodes I am sickened with the inclusion of deformed children, that goes beyond what I can stand, and I have watched many horror shows that do not even go farther than irritate me as they are almost always the same.


Too bad they had to put that crap in it. Aliens are interesting seeing deformed kids is sad and sick. There are massage parlors out there that from what I heard that harvest peoples sperm to make future sex slaves. This is the kind of act that makes me my veins drip with evil, in the intent to slay these people.


If someone knocked at my door and offered me 1,000,000,000 dollars for my sperm I would say no way, get lost. This is a true fact and not just talk - if you do not believe me, find a billionaire and ask me and then you will get your answer.


The x-files turned to human ugliness rather than focus on the interesting discovery of the supernatural.


OK I just realized this may not be the conspiracy to follow in the entire season, (or mini-season) I sure hope not.


Another Edit: the children thing is a bit personal and therefore angers me more than most I guess, so sorry about my rant.


Episode 3 was great, I am glad I was wrong.

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OK I see the transformation from season 10 to season 11. Wished I knew earlier before this thread, so sorry about the start of this topic before doing my research.


I loved episodes 3-5, some of the best I have seen since earlier on in the originals.


Typos galore with almost every post. I try to proofread the text but I still come up with typos.


Original "I loved episodes 3-5, some of the best I gave seen since earlier on in the originals."

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