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How do I save a video in HD format in Adobe Premiere Elements 13?

Cambridge Spy

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I'm finally getting ready to abandon Fraps and switch to OBS, and at NeonsStyle's recommendation, I've downloaded Adobe Premiere Elements 13. Does anyone know what sort of codecs are considered YouTube-friendly for high definition, and how do I save a video for high definition in Adobe Premiere Elements 13? Thanks.

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Do you mind about the file size..?

The H.264 codec that ought to be in the link library for adobe media encoder ought to be good enough for lossless quality but a little compression of those massive .avi's to .mp4's.

New version of Premiere has a small glitch with imports that some people are getting - I've posted a workaround on adobe forums here (same username, about halfway down):

Oh, you're using elements.

On export/encode..:

Video Tab
*Video Codec: H.264
*Quality: 100
*Frame Width: 1280 / 1920
*Frame Height: 720 / 1080
*Frame Rate: 29.97
*Field Type: Progressive
*Pixel Aspect Ratio: square
*Set Bitrate: checked
*Bitrate: 8000 kbps

Audio Tab
*Audio Code: AAC
*Output Channels: Stereo
*Frequency: 44kHz

720 is good enough for most videos - you might have to turn up the brightness a little for stealth/dark games.

If you're importing the clips and splicing them together at the same size (composition size = encoding size) then choosing "match comp settings" can make a huge file and take hours...
Limiting passes can help, also, if you decide to lower bitrate to speed it up.

In Premiere Pro / Media Encoder / After Effects, there is a preset for many different viewing platforms - including youtube at different quality settings - and display (except instagram...) and these can be useful to use. However, I've always preferred to make my own presets as sometimes there can be issues with crop/layers/animation/etc... with the presets.

This mission was supposed to last 30+ mins for a group of 4 marines. When I found a way to complete it in under 5 mins solo during testing - the video was a little dark from FRAPS (back before I got into using shadowplay and the nvidia replay for stuff like this, that I think is best for catching glitches with the buffer) - it looks ok a little brighter:

Since using shadowplay and nvidia recording instead of FRAPS or OBS or old/streaming stuff and fudging it - things look just as I see them on the screen, most of the time. Which is important for music videos or for projection mapping or comping mov's/trailers for games/corportate demo and stuff.
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Hard to say. Can't you record some game with Nvidia Shadowplay, or another screen recorder? I don't know about the source material in the video you posted, because it already could be compressed. Shadowplay lets you record in very high quality e.g., with few (if any) visible artifacts.

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@ Bikerdude: Fair enough. I like it because it's part of something i have installed anyway, and that there's no need to install anything additional for the same purpose (and also because it's simple, because i don't like bloated software, if Shadowplay already gives me all i need from it). Always wanted to give OBS a try too though.

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Do you mean Shadowplay or Geforce Experience? I don't think Shadowplay actually needs an internet connection to record videos.


The reason for telemetry sent byGeforce Experience should be obvious. Many companies do the same with their software, to figure out which features of it are used the most.

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