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1GB of free samples and sound effects

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Hmmm, is this for real? Feels a bit like a baiting post from a new user who has posting nothing but this one topic.

Looks more like a marketing post to me. They do offer a free download on the bottom of the linked page. The strategy seems to make themselves known among professionals that mod games in their free time. That could lead to sales later on when that professionals need some audio for paid projects.

Looks like a good way to do cost-effective advertising for a niche product targeting a tiny group.

They probably post the same text on other forums where they expect game devs/artists or future game devs/artists to be.


That said, their license explicitly forbids inclusion into TDM. And it even seems to be restrictive enough to prohibit electronic distribution of the samples as part of a TDM mission or any other work. Maybe they just fucked up their license text (legalese is hard stuff) and i am not a lawyer...

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This is the license actually included in the ZIP file:



These samples are royalty free and can be used in television and radio broadcasts, film or video productions, video games, web promos, music tracks, commercial audio and/or visual productions. The reusing or adaptation of the sounds as part of the creation of a new sample pack or virtual instrument (regardless of the format or of the support) is strictly prohibited. The sounds included in this free sample library may not be re-distributed.


So they can be used in video games, but they cannot be redistributed in their original form, which I guess means you can only use them by integrating them into some larger soundtrack or game package from which they cannot easily be extracted, and this explicitly excludes distribution under the Creative Commons license that TDM uses.


Nothing to see here, move along.

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I was watching a documentary the other day about a serial killer, and when there was a reenactment of him pulling a knife and the documentary used the sound the TDM guards make when they unsheath their weapon, it made me laugh.

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