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Hey Abusimplea,


Yeah, back in the day when you resized static objects (like I did with that table) their collision box didn't get resized as well, so the recommended fix was to make the object non-solid and put in brushes to act as collision.


Like you said, not sure why lockpick behavior would have changed between versions, but if your fix works please go ahead and submit it as a new official version.


And yes dmapping always too a long time for me too!

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Well, the picks are now properly visible in 2.06/64, all three difficulty settings.


But another minor thing came to my attention, when you approach the table with the first readable crouched, the scroll will highlight, but isn't frobable...


Was the same in the "old" version, but I only noticed that now, after the guard threw rocks at me and I crouched to avoid them (I threw some objects at him, for shit and giggles ;) ).

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It`s no big deal at all. Loading this mission makes me want to replay this wonderful mission again. A big thank you :)

Try to look out for missing tris while replaying. The probability of missing tris has been increased significantly in 2.06. - and i had to dmap after fixing the pick issue.

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