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Top Down View TDM submod

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Hi there, along time pass since my last post.


I Would like to ask to the TDM Team if its possible to have a submod for a Top Down View of the game without change the core engine...


I think the CAMERA should not be a problem..!!!

The controls to get input from a mouse i dont this should be to hard to..!!!

Making the maps and the light system could be the major problem but i dont know about the code to say more than this..


So in general do you think its possible do it???



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You can already sorta do it via cvars:


pm_thirdPerson enabled 3rd person camera


pm_thirdPersonAngle sets the view angle


pm_thirdPersonRange sets the camera distance


The main problem is player animation would need to be improved.

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Like pacman in tdm-style? Yes that is possible.

For example, Take a look at D3 mod z-hunter


In my experience with this forum:

if you dont get any support for the project, have to do it yourself.

So Take a look at how people build that d3 mod, copy code and try to create a demo.

And this you show on this forum, to hopefully get more support. :)

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@freyk The ideia its more like a RPG style game like the old Commandos games but using the TDM Thief style. Thanks for the link.


@nbohr1more Can you point me the controls scripts as i hould like to have the mouse as input.



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It's definitely possible and even not-so-hard (relatively speaking), you could do it by script but you might want to do some core changes in the sourcecode if you want it really polished, but yes, you'd probably need to do it yourself, but I believe there's enough info already in this thead and in mods that you could get started and then ask here if you have specific questions.

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