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Latest versions of TDM and DR as of 13.11.2018?


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I've not opened either for a long time - for some reason my TDM updater isn't working (also cheapthiefmissions is gone? At least southquarter is still there) and I do not know what version of DR is to be used now.

Is anyone able to point me to the latest version downloads for the game and level editor?

Thanks in advance.

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Oh yeah, I was working on updating the wiki documentation...

The test maps and missions I have work fine with my versions, but I'd like to ensure they are going to work with whatever version TDM and DR is at now, before continuing any work on anything.

The forums appear to only show unread posts for the last month - the search function doesn't appear to be correctly working right now.

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Have you visited TDM downloadpage?



Maybe the updater downloaded files from a slow/not-working downloadmirror.

Comment out the slow mirror in tdmmirror file and start the updater again.

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Why would any grandma like to compile TDM?! :)

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Stgatilov - as acounterpoint to this...

I've had several missions mean a complete rebuild because of a lack of keeping up with "what's going to happen", so - for me - access to an updated stable branch means I can "see into the future" in order to make sure my levels are are going to work in the next version, and account for this while building.

One example would be the update that meant movers cause no damage (which destroyed a lot of my trap mechanics) and means you can get entrirely stuck under an elevator and have to reload in missions, such as Thief's Den (try crouching under the lift and see if you can get out after lowering it, as you stand underneath it), and so this impacts the level's design by creating a "way out" from undertneath these elevators.

Either by resetting them to the "top position" by having the switch reset, or having an AI use - so the player is not stuck in a pit forever, and has a readable and perhaps a little exploration and loot to keep them occupied while waiting - or an alternative (maybe more hidden) way out for the situation (stuck block, board, leading to a passage) aka, "wow! I found a way into some secret passages that allow me to move around the level when I thought I might be stuck!".

Savegames can be remade in a single playthrough - a map might take several months to go over and recheck/rebuild changes as required.

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