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Thief: The Dark Project is 20 years old today

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There's plenty of other games in the same situation.

On oldunreal we're testing the unofficial patch 227j (build 42 update 4 :P )

'cause Unreal will never die.....for REAL :laugh::ph34r:

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Still, what pisses me off is how Eidos Montreal wants to sweep Thief under the rug. Sure, Thief 2014 wasn't a blockbuster hit, but that doesn't mean you should hide the whole series! Today is the series' 20th birthday, and they have nothing for it on their Facebook page. No announcements of a remake of The Dark Project through Deadly Shadows, no news on the movie, not even a fanart! It's insulting, they nearly destroy the series, now they deny us any gratification of hope for the future.


TBH, i couldn't care less what Eidos does about Thief's 20th birthday. I don't expect anything from them in the regard of keeping the series alive in any way anyway. If i want to play Thief, i play the original parts 1-3, or i play TDM. Anything else is just bollocks anyway. And i don't care about a film either. What exactly apart from the current Hollywood nonsense, which is tailored to nowadays demandless crowd is to be expected anyway?

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