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The Fate of the Beastmen, Pagans, and Hammerites


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As much as Thief 4's storyline was sub-par, it did bring up a realistic, if sad, idea. Eventually, the Baron would get tired of all the chaos and hoult wars going on in HIS city, and he would crush any group that opposed him with an iron fist. The Beastmen, not being human, would undoubtedly be the first to be driven off, the Baron at first either cooperating with Hammerites or independently hunting down the nonhumans. Either they fled or died, leaving for distant lands or magical realms where mortal men could not follow. The same most likely happened to the Pagans. Whether the magical folk took their human kin with them to the Maw of Chaos, or left them behind, I don't know. However, the bloodiest battles must have been between the Baron's forces and the Hammerites. The Hammerite religion is expressly about the founding of the City, by the Master Builder. Undoubtedly many peasants aided the Hammerites, as the official religion would have commanded them to. However, any more probably sided with the Baron, as the Hammerites were long known for their cruel behavior, and they had lost much of their number to defection to the Mechanists, who all died from the Rust Gas Sabotage. Although they may have continued to worship in secret for a few generations, I doubt any real worshippers of the Builder were left in the City after a few hundred years. How would they survive as a faith, when the ruler of their only Holy City had outlawed them, and they had no other holdings to flee to?

So, what do you think about the ultimate fate of the City itself? Cities were sacked many times throughout history, and Blackbrook was said to be preparing an invasion shortly after the current Baron and the rebel leader were killed. Despite Thief 4 not living up to the series name, I find it a bit depressing to think that the City we all knew and love first had its identity destroyed before it was, presumably, bombed into ruins.

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thief 4 isn't really related to the other three games except by name alone. it got broken when they who made it broke the storyline.



although there are places in the real world where creatures thought long extinct still exist. so who can say if the beastmen went extinct, or they moved somewhere deeper into the forest where no one goes, or dares to go, pagans may have gone with them. hammerites may have set up an enclave somewhere in the thief world where the baron couldn't touch them and then wait around for him to drop dead or get done in by someone or some group that didn't like him, or die of some sexual desease like syphilis.


the city probably got nuked from orbit by an invading race of alien rabbit people.

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