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Crackers and Cracking as a new thief skill and type


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Hi Everyone!,


I'm no modder but I had this idea when I thought about the story line progression of the thief world.


We all know the inventors guild creates code locked devices. It therefore makes sense that a rouge section of the inventors guild or an interrogated inventor or stolen coding systems is how a CRACKER and CRACKING would take place.


This could introduce a new kind of thief character the CRACKER


CRACKERS cause problems for inventors, builders, banks, organisations and threaten to force out the traditional thief by forcing an upskilling of the entire thief world. Consider the thieves guild maybe at war with the crackers guild who consider themselves contemporaries as oppose to the uneducated, haphazard traditional thieves


CRACKING requires the thief finds coding systems and if he can locate the master code he can unlock an entire companies resources.


CODED LOCKS spreading across the city supported by the Watch, the Builders, corporations as a response to the proliferation of thieves. Now affordable are propping up everywhere even on common furniture causing issues across the thieving world.


Are the Code Inventors villains?

-- Maybe it is possible for the code makers to be forcibly making criminal organisation monopolies by providing codes only to those who can pay enough to the right nobles, invention masters etc.


Lots of ideas here for new story lines and game play. I hope it adds to something interesting for you guys.

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Well, have at it my friend. You can explore your own idea by making a mission, its not as hard as it seems. Do a bit of research on the theme (there are a few missions that focuses on code breaking scenarios), watch some tutorial video series and off you go. ;)

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