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Fan Mission: Commerce Bank (by grayman) (2019/4/10)


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woohooo going to like this. One of my favourite levels are the William Steele series. Can't wait to see what happens next. :D


Congrats on the release grayman and thank you :)

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Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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Congratulations to the new release. :)


The Thomas Porter series is getting some serious competition in terms of the number of installments. B)

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So just finished this. Love the aesthetic and design of the bank. It's always so refreshing to see a new style of interior in the game.

I was a little disappointed with the story as it didn't seem to have the depth of the previous WS missions. The gameplay was

great fun. I'm not much of a ghoster, I'm more run around n get into fights with the guard type of thief, and this provided lots

of fun and many escape routes. Really liked the

rooftop aspect of it as well, as well as all the openable windows



Definitely one I'll replay, might even try ghosting it. Thanks so much grayman. Loved this :D

I have an eclectic YouTube channel making videos on a variety of games. Come and have look here:



Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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Thank you so much for the mission. , really enjoyed it.Especially as I found most of the loot for once!

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Finally got around to playing this one tonight!


I liked what you did with the mansion modules, it really does make the place look like a seriously posh bank! Some of the "client rooms" seemed to be rented by some very eccentric people, which was a nice touch. I also really enjoyed

the rooftop section and the "maintenance" alley. It felt really odd to be walking on a street that's no longer a street, so to say. A unique touch to be sure. Oh, and seeing the blue corpse of Cpt. Marston was interesting. I almost didn't want to pick him up cause I thought I might get some poison on me haha.

. The only downsides in my mind were that the storytelling, while solid, seemed a little lighter than previous WS missions, as well as the lighting and objectives being a bit on the easier side, even on expert.

All in all though, great work! I'm definitely looking forward to checking out the Baleford Museum!

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Stuck early, lol...



I must be rusty. I can't even get out of the alley the mission opens with :P:( I will try again soon, but with no windows or doors that work at/near ground level, and no apparent open window up high despite using a few rope arrows, I'm currently at a loss. Maybe I need to re-start and pay better attention to what the drunken fellow says?

PS: I wish there was a 'spoiler' tag icon among all the other icons when composing a reply. (If it's there, what does it look like?) I don't post here a lot, and I even more rarely need to use spoiler tags... so when I do need to, I can never remember if the spoiler tag is [ s ] or [ spoiler ] or some other tag. So, I try to go to advanced editing and check there, but that doesn't help much; and/or I have to preview post and make sure my attempt works.

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Progressive hints:




First hint: The briefing and the drunk tell you the banker committed suicide by leaping off a high place.






Second hint: There's a splotch of blood where the banker landed, so he had to come from somewhere directly above that spot.






Third hint: Climb up on the large package, put your back to the wall the drunk was sitting next to, and look up. Fire a rope arrow as high as you can.






Fourth hint: At the top of the rope arrow, mantle onto the roof projection, take a couple steps forward, and mantle onto the next roof. A window into the bank lies in front of you.

Bonus: Before you enter the bank, turn around at the first roof edge and spot a loot bottle on the deck across the alley. Jump over, grab bottle, and jump back.




Good luck!

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Wow I really enjoyed the visual aesthetics (like lighting and texture / model placement) in this mission paired with the nice layout. I loved how you could sneak through the many rooms and corridors - I even had to run three times from the spare but well placed guards. Although there was not so much story in this mission, it's amazing how your level design gets more and more perfect. Even each map of the WS series has a unique game design feature (I loved the generator in this mission and the electricity feature). You could have placed the lighting in this map a bit harder for my taste (too many shadow areas), but overall definitely one of your very best missions! Thank you so much for this fresh peace of TDM work - I never enjoyed TDM that much before I think! :)

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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Wow! Glad you liked it. I also think it was a bit spare, but that was by design. (WS4 took for_ever to complete, and I wanted to work on something smaller. I even halved WS5 partway through, feeling it was too much of the same, then grew it back up a bit to reach the final design.)


WS6 and WS7 will come out at the same time, and have a feature that hasn't been done yet (AFAIK). It's getting harder to think of unique mission bits. :blink:


Again, thanks for playing.

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Just wanted to say thanks for another awesome mission, grayman!

Imagine my joy when I reinstalled TDM last week to discover that both WS4 and WS5 had been released since I last played - felt like a kid on Christmas morning! Ran through the whole campaign again over the last week or so and it really is amazing. Playing all the missions at once also allowed me to appreciate you setting up the storylines of the later missions in the earlier missions.

I found one minor error in WS5 - client room 11 mistakenly has "14" written on the door, so there are in fact two client room 14s, which confused me for a few minutes!

Can't wait to play the rest of the campaign!

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Glad you enjoyed them.

Wrt '14' vs '11', I just checked the released version and the numbers are correct. I did notice that if you are some distance from the '11' door, there's a smudge between the numbers that makes them look like '14', but as you get closer to the door, you can see the number is actually '11'. If you are seeing otherwise, please post a closeup of the door.

Thanks for playing!

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9 minutes ago, grayman said:

It appears in several places:

  • on the piece of paper that the drunk drops at mission start
  • in a note on the engineer's desk
  • in a note in Ales' fireplace

(You don't read the readables? 😮)


  Reveal hidden contents




Thanks for playing!

Cool, thanks. Yeah, I'm guilty of not reading the readables on occasion. I really should read more of them. 😁

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