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I was looking at my gamecollection closet.

And noticed that i dont have a gamedisc for TDM.

I want to create one.

So People can add this dvd in their collection and use it like a backup.


So I created a data collection.

I hope you can help me to create this object.

The only things are missing is a cover for jewelcase and your opinions.

Let me know what your think about this one.


You can find a list of the collection in the spoiler




 Volume in drive D is Data
 Volume Serial Number is 7E06-7A85

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject

29-05-2019  11:11    <DIR>          .
29-05-2019  11:11    <DIR>          ..
29-05-2019  11:11    <DIR>          documentation
26-05-2019  11:24    <DIR>          extra
26-05-2019  11:29    <DIR>          installation
29-05-2019  10:58                 2 license.txt
29-05-2019  10:58                 0 readme.txt
29-05-2019  10:57                 0 tdm-dvdinstaller.exe
26-05-2019  12:17    <DIR>          tdmgamefolder
26-05-2019  11:33    <DIR>          tdmsrc
               3 File(s)              2 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\documentation

29-05-2019  11:11    <DIR>          .
29-05-2019  11:11    <DIR>          ..
29-05-2019  11:11                 0 tdm-wiki.zip
               1 File(s)              0 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\extra

26-05-2019  11:24    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:24    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  11:27    <DIR>          editor
               0 File(s)              0 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\extra\editor

26-05-2019  11:27    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:27    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  11:26    <DIR>          installer
26-05-2019  11:27    <DIR>          src
               0 File(s)              0 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\extra\editor\installer

26-05-2019  11:26    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:26    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  11:14        11.634.049 darkradiant-2.6.0-x64.exe
26-05-2019  11:23        15.740.948 darkradiant-2.6.0-x64.portable.zip
26-05-2019  11:14        10.137.224 darkradiant-2.6.0-x86.exe
26-05-2019  11:23        13.710.864 darkradiant-2.6.0-x86.portable.zip
26-05-2019  11:14        29.640.047 DarkRadiant.2.6.0.app.zip
26-05-2019  11:16         4.538.444 darkradiant_2.6.0-3+b1_amd64.deb
               6 File(s)     85.401.576 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\extra\editor\src

26-05-2019  11:27    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:27    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  11:17         6.630.837 DarkRadiant-master.zip
               1 File(s)      6.630.837 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\installation

26-05-2019  11:29    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:29    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  11:46    <DIR>          linux
26-05-2019  11:42    <DIR>          mac
26-05-2019  11:29    <DIR>          windows
               0 File(s)              0 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\installation\linux

26-05-2019  11:46    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:46    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  11:45           752.990 darkmod-2.04-1.i586.rpm
26-05-2019  11:45           752.870 darkmod-2.04-1.x86_64.rpm
26-05-2019  11:45         1.093.501 tdminstaller-deb-src_v20150226.zip
26-05-2019  11:45         1.699.591 tdminstaller-rpm-src_v004.zip
26-05-2019  11:35           686.169 tdm_update_linux.zip
26-05-2019  11:46         2.694.702 TheDarkMod.deb
               6 File(s)      7.679.823 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\installation\mac

26-05-2019  11:42    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:42    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  11:42        61.946.330 tdminstaller-mac_v20160831.zip
               1 File(s)     61.946.330 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\installation\windows

26-05-2019  11:29    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:29    <DIR>          ..
03-06-2009  11:25           809.496 oalinst.exe
26-05-2019  11:17         3.841.586 TDM_installer.exe
03-02-2019  14:49        15.232.896 vcredist_x64.exe
03-02-2019  14:49        14.608.952 vcredist_x86.exe
               4 File(s)     34.492.930 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\tdmgamefolder

26-05-2019  12:17    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  12:17    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  12:16     3.620.894.642 darkmod207.zip
03-02-2019  14:44         3.283.456 tdm_update.exe
26-05-2019  12:02        30.727.534 tdm_update_2.00_to_2.01.zip
26-05-2019  12:00        91.276.083 tdm_update_2.01_to_2.02.zip
26-05-2019  12:05       400.571.574 tdm_update_2.02_to_2.03.zip
26-05-2019  12:00        31.296.951 tdm_update_2.03_to_2.04.zip
26-05-2019  12:06       403.796.158 tdm_update_2.04_to_2.05.6.zip
26-05-2019  12:09       246.206.056 tdm_update_2.05_to_2.06.zip
26-05-2019  12:17       427.644.498 tdm_update_2.06_to_2.07.zip
26-05-2019  12:15     2.404.310.009 THEDARKMODVersion2.0-StandaloneRelease.zip
              10 File(s)  7.660.006.961 bytes

 Directory of d:\TDM-dvdproject\tdmsrc

26-05-2019  11:33    <DIR>          .
26-05-2019  11:33    <DIR>          ..
26-05-2019  11:32        86.028.752 thedarkmod.2.07.src.zip
               1 File(s)     86.028.752 bytes

     Total Files Listed:
              33 File(s)  7.942.187.211 bytes
              35 Dir(s)  140.606.840.832 bytes free


Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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Is the intention that the DVD will be burned/stamped and then sent to people by post (perhaps to get around low bandwidth limits in certain parts of the world), or just made available as an ISO image for download?


If it's the latter, I suspect many people will wonder what benefit it provides over directly downloading the specific things you are interested in and then burning them to whatever backup medium you find most comfortable (which might be an optical disk, USB stick or some kind of network-attached storage). Although I personally like optical media for backup, it doesn't seem to be all that popular these days, and if you're going to download an ISO just to extract files from it manually, surely you might as well just download the mod in the usual way?


On the other hand, having the DVD commercially produced and then sent to people who might be living in areas with low internet bandwidth might be greatly appreciated by those users, but I have no idea what the costs involved would be (I seem to recall Ubuntu used to offer such disks, but I don't think they are offering them any more).

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For starters, i was thinking about an dvd iso (4,7 gb) so everybody caan download and burn it them selfs.

and a artwork for the jewelcase that people can print themself.


going to delete the 2.07 standalone package (3gb) and replace it with some nice missions.

but which ones?

Edited by freyk

Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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It might be cool if someone made some good box art. In my younger days I might have even printed it out on cardboard stock and made my own box, in addition to jewelbox and CD art, but these days I'd be content with just having an image of it in my TDM fodder folder.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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I imagined and scribbled my own back-cover, using the thief 3 dvd-backcover as an example.

(now i only need a better title and screenshots)


See the attached sample.

But i think other people can do better.


Edited by freyk
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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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I recommend using hard disks as backup medium. They are more cost efficient and a lot faster than DVDs.

Just rember to always have at least two backups and copy the backups once per year from one medium to another to keep the data from fading away (both are good advice for backups on any medium, not only hard disks).

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I succesfully downloaded the content of our wiki, using wget. (including working offline links)

wget -k -p -r -R '*Special*' -R '*Help*' -E http://wiki.thedarkmod.com
After a wait of 4 hours, its downloaded in a folder with 1,17 GB as foldersize.(and zipped its 760 mb)

When all the files are downloaded, the startpage is "index.php@title=Main_Page.html.html"

Edited by freyk
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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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