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Hi! Been a while since I mapped now...


Been at the computer for at least four hours to try to make an easy conversation between two actors...Almost about to throw in the towel on this...


I want the player to walk up to a lady and talk to her and when he does, the camera should change to a view from behind the player. I will add an AI in front of her to simulate the player.


The thing is, it works if I don't use/target the camera (a func_cameraview that targets a target_null entity), but as soon as I switch to the camera view the conversation just ends. I have tried to change the camera in the middle of the conversation and yes, the talking just stops...


I have tried to consult the snitchmap but I just don't get why my conversation just dies when I switch to the camera...


(And yes, I have tried to teleport the player to be beside the people talking but it's not the problem. And it shouldn't be important either because the conversation shouldn't start until the player walks up right in front of the lady.)


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is changing the camera view also triggering the speaker perhaps (to off)?

I don't know if you trigger the audio and the camera from the same triggers .. but makining a seperate trigger path for each seems to be a necessity.

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Have you tried adding the "cinematic" "1" spawnarg to all entities in the cinematic?

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