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Why is this happening?

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My power supply shat itself, and took out the boot sector of my C drive forcing me to rebuild windows, and in the

process I lost a bunch of files. I managed to back up WIP of a couple maps I was working on, but lost about 2 months

worth of work.


So I installed DR 2.6. Now one of these maps has about 36 maps in the series of WIP. I can open up to

28 of them. From 29 to 36 (the later ones) the editor says it doesn't recognise the map format which is

really weird. So 9 maps won't open. So that's about 2 months worth of work lost unless I can find a way to open them.


Anyone know why this is happening? I could spit you a file if you think you can help.


[Edit] I discovered what has happened. map files 29 to 37 are corrupted and full of NULL text. :(

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