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4 practical solotions for "complex" motion. No scripting. Map file included.


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I purpously didn't put nodraw texture on elements that should finally be invisable, so you can see what is happening.

At the white wall:

A horizontal slider setup with a "mover_elevator", to control horizontal motion. From the button on the pillar, you trigger a trigger_sequencer, to have the slider go to the next stop. It has a "set frobable"  function to ensure each stage is completed before  all is triggerd again. The red blocks on the wall are the actual elevator buttons. When you frob one, the slider will go to that position. This wil f*ck up the working for the button on the pilar however, but it shows how it works with a (simpler) multiple button setup. (This setup is quite compilcated and the "door stack" method, on the black wall, might be more usefull and simpler in most cases (I think).

A rotating star that rotates 45 degrees and then stops. It uses a custom Stim/Response to make it stop. The Stim is in the little green cube, the Response in the little red cubes (select one cube > Entity (top of the editor window) > Stim/Response ). This setup wil have you rotate something in the same direction, 45 degrees each time, endlessly.

At the black wall: The "genious" door stacks : D

One is a rotating setup, the other a translating setup. The botom door binds to nothing, the door above binds to the botom door, the door above that binds to the door below it etc. Because everyone understands doors, this is a very easy way to create "complex motion". Of course you can have one door rotate, the other translate, an other rotate on an other axis etc. Is there even a limit to what you can do? Yes, it can't do what the black star can do ... ^^

Questions? Ask them.



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