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Linux monitor issue Solved - for info

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Hi all,

I just put the 64 bit version of TDM on my machine running Zorin 15.2, I figured it's based on Ubuntu so it should be OK

When I ran thedarkmod.x64 I got the intro music playing & a black screen with a pop up saying -


The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display. Please change your input timing to 1920x1080, 60hz or any other monitor listed as per the monitor specifications

I couldn't stop TDM & had to blip the power button to get the system to shut down.

So I dug around a bit on my old windows system that ran TDM on the same monitor & found the following lines in Darkmod.cfg

seta r_customHeight "1080"
seta r_customWidth "1920"

on the Linux system they were

seta r_customHeight "600"
seta r_customWidth "800"

So I changed the figures to match the old windows system & tried again & it worked the training mission loads nicely

I couldn't find any setting for 60hz, but as it seems to work I'm fine

So I'm posting this in case anyone else has a similar issue



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Nice to know that sollution works for your display monitor. :)

Please note that warning screen is coming from your dell display monitor, not from TDM.
On the following site you will find some sollutions for this warning screen from your monitor display:
(also  the sollution to change the screen resolution of a game)

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Thanks for that.

Yeah I figured it was coming from the monitor, as if it can't display the output from the PC then it wouldn't be able to display any message from it too, but for those who just get a black screen & music this might help.

And apologies for putting this thread in the wrong forum, thanks for shifting it, whoever it was

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