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Covered Furniture Refurbished


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26 minutes ago, Jedi_Wannabe said:

Oh my. Fantastic. I will have to replace all my old ones with these updated ones. Thank you a ton.

Thank you - in fact, seeing these covered models in your closed alpha/beta was what got me going. I thought I could link you a better version, but that one turned out to be in bad shape too. IIRC your covered furniture is in a different model folder, will have to be aware of that when you replace them.

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Good to know. Many thanks!

And yes I’m trying to get through all the notes I’ve received so far. Going well, it’s so fun, but hard with a full house on quarantine 🙃 Hope to go open within a month.

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These will come in very handy, covered furniture provides a lot of ambiance/atmosphere. Thanks for putting in the work!

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@Atheran welcome back, and you sure sound a lot more knowledgeable than me about modelling now. For me modelling is just part of my toolset as an FM author for getting things done, alongside sound/image editing and scripting, so I'm glad to see a (newly baked) specialist in this field returning to the forums.

Regarding the tools, Lightwave isn't obligatory. Arcturus and I use Blender, while I know others use/used 3dsmax, softimage and wings3d. As long as it produces .lwo or .ase models it's all good.

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